Italian analyst condemns European Parliament’s fascist frenzy

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November 26 – Fort Russ News – 

–, Giulietto Chiesa, interviewed by Amerigo Mascarucci, translated by Tom Winter –

“Fascists. They are fascist in the true sense of the word. They want to prevent freedom of the press and impose a censorship on the eurosceptical positions.”

The journalist Giulietto Chiesa interviewed by Intelligonews thus attacks the 304 MEPs in Strasbourg that approved the resolution against Russia, accusing it of supporting anti-European parties with a strong line of propaganda to divide the EU.

The document approved by the Europarliament claims: “The Kremlin uses think tanks, multilingual tv, pseudo-wire services and social media to challenge democratic values and divide Europe”

Is Russia and its propaganda machine behind the success of the anti-European parties that are becoming more and more prominent everywhere?

“It is a veritable frenzy that goes to show there is an absolute identity between Western media and the power of contemporary Europe. Anna Fotyga, former foreign minister of Poland, has grafted a new polemic against Russia on arguments that are totally false. 

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“The 304 MEPs who voted for the document are doing propaganda hostile to Russia by supporting falsehood, i.e. that Russia is attacking the Ukraine and annexed the Crimea. They threaten a boycott of Russian media, violating all the European rules including freedom of the press and freedom of expression. 

“This is an attack against the entire European dissidence which I am honored to be part of. I — who write for Sputnik and also collaborate with Russian media, if the criteria were adopted established by this absurd resolution — I would be liable to arrest, persecution and censorship as a traitor to the European homeland and colluding with the enemy. Who writes such resolutions is a fascist in the true sense of the word.”

Does it have anything to do a vote in Bulgaria which was won by the pro-Russian candidate and the victory in the French primary of Francois Fillon who is on good terms with Putin?

“There is actually a great nervousness in Europe but fortunately these 304 MEPs are isolated. They are trying to use Russia to stifle Euro-skeptical positions. This time, however, the those promoting the resolution get the count wrong because it received only 304 votes, a minority against the abstentions and ‘No’ votes,*** a sign that there is a large share of European parliamentarians who are starting to moderate their positions toward Russia. The ‘No’ vote of the Five-star Movement, the League, and the abstention of most deputies of the Democratic Party, all testify that this hardline camp is getting weaker.”

Trump meanwhile has reaffirmed his intention to cooperate with Putin for the resolution of the Syrian crisis, but at the same time he also said he intends to call into question the agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue. Russia is an ally of Tehran, and this could create problems?

“Russia will not abandon its position on Iran’s negotiations, I am sure. In dialogue with Trump inevitably there will be some ups and downs, because the US and Russia can not get all at once get along on everything. As for the differences, the common will to communicate and collaborate, will remain. Putin is studying the Trump moves but I am sure that Russia will do everything to defend the nuclear deal and prevent new sanctions against Iran.”
The resolution was approved 304 to 179, with 208 abstentions.  So 387 deputies were not in favor. — tr.

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