MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: Massive terrorist offensive in Aleppo ends in disaster (PHOTOS+VIDEO)

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November 7, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

RusVesna – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

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On Friday, November 4th, terrorists from the Islamist coalition of Jaish al-Fath began a powerful offensive against the Syria Army-held western districts of Aleppo.

The attack was widely announced on social networks by the militants’ propagandists, but ended in a bloody failure.

The bandit groupings failed to beat back government troops from a single position. Moreover, they suffered heavy losses in manpower and equipment.

The assault began with 4 attacks by terrorist suicide bombers with explosive-loaded cars and powerful artillery bombardments which lasted from the morning until the early evening. Afterwards, the bandits’ elite assault troops attacked Syrian army positions in the 3000 and 1070 apartment complexes, in the New Aleppo district, and at  the Al-Assad Military Academy.

Unfortunately for the terrorist groupings, the attacking jihadists failed to break through the army’s defense at any point on the frontline in the city.

Over the relatively calm days in Aleppo, Syria’s elite Tiger Force and Desert Falcon brigades, along with Palestinian Al-Quds militia, mounted reliable defensive positions in anticipation of a second offensive wave led by Jebat al-Nusra.

On the frontline, several thousand SAA soldiers, including elite units, were deployed. In addition, modern Russian T-90A tanks were transferred there. 

According to confirmed reports, as a result of the repulsion of Friday’s offensive, no less than 50 Jaish al-Fath terrorists were liquidated. 6 tanks, 2 infantry fighting vehicles, and 4 pick-up trucks with mounted heavy machine guns were also destroyed.

The militants have recognized their losses in the Aleppo battles on Friday. An officially published obituary announced the death of 3 field commanders of the Sukur Al-Sham (“Levant Falcons” or “Sham Falcons”) brigade. The commander of Jaish al-Fath, Abu Salikh al-Imsa, was also killed in the 1070 neighborhood.

In the near future, a counter-offensive by the Syrian Tiger Force, Desert Falcons, and militias is expected to begin to finally return control over the districts of Minyan and Dahiyat al-Assad that were abandoned last week.

It has also been reported that, as a result of mortar shelling by the terrorists on Friday, 12 civilians were killed and more than 200 people were injured to varying degrees of severity.

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On Saturday, the infamous pro-Western Syrian Human Rights Observatory reported that, over the two days of fierce fighting in western Aleppo, 166 militants were killed. According to reports, only 86 of the killed bandits from the Jaish al-Fath Islamist coalition were Syrian citizens.

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