Russian Spring unveils new cartoon series mocking US propaganda

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November 4, 2016 – 
RusVesna – Tom Winter – 

ШАРЖ И ПЕРО [say sharzh ee pero] is a vowel rhyme with Charlie Hebdo, and it means Cartoon and pen.

The cartoons of “Sharzh and Love” [Шарж & Love], like this one, are bilingual, Russian-English


Cartoon & Love – a new project of CARTOON & PEN and Russian Spring

“Cartoon & Love» is a new project of the Russian newspaper political cartoons series, “Cartoon and Pen,” based on the world-famous comic book Love is…

Becoming popular in Russia in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the heroes of «Love is …» appear before the public in a new light. They answer the questions: “What is democracy American-style,” “What is freedom of speech in Europe,” “What will the forcible imposition of American values entail?” and others.

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Up-to-the-minute, scandalous and sharp – this is what makes the new project “Caricature & Love» interesting.

The newspaper political cartoons “Caricature and Pen,” which became the creator of the “Cartoon & Love” project is already widely known in Russia and in the world. On its publication the leading tabloids in Europe and America, e.g, Le Figaro, La Presse instantly reacted.

It is expected that the new cartoons in the “Cartoon & Love» format will come out on a daily basis. 
Fort Russ invites its readers to check out Шарж & Love.
Double for language students! See Russian-English equivalent expressions!

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