Sanctions against Russia: the servile blindness of the EU

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November 30 – Fort Russ News –

Blog de soutien aux Républiques de Donetsk et Lougansk, by Sebastien HAIRON, translated by Tom Winter –

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The European Union and its unelected oligarchs welcomed Poroshenko the war criminal to Brussels yesterday (Thursday 24 November). 

This puppet of the US and EU, “president” of the Kiev junta was in the Belgian capital to sign the agreement enslaving the Ukrainian people on behalf of the Western multinationals.* If the Ukrainians do not do not wake up, they will end up like these Romanian children working as slaves** — the European “dream” which has inevitably ended in nightmares for the peoples taken in the net of this oligarchic dictatorship.

“That’s funny — I can’t afford a tailor either” [Sorry, couldn’t stop myself –tr]

This technocratic entity supports this criminal who continues with his army of soldiers, bombing, and destroying housing and infrastructure in the Donbass and killing civilians for nearly 30 months now. 

“Europe is peace,” according to pro-EU propagandists! Let them go and tell their lies to the inhabitants of the former Yugoslavia! Let them come and tell the brave Donbass people who live under the terror of the Ukrainian guns night and day! ***

Russia, as usual according to these professional liars, would not respect the Minsk 2 accords signed in February 2015. It is the accusatory inversion in all its splendor, because it is not Russia that massacres civilians since 2014, but the Kiev regime, with the active complicity of the US and the EU! Not to mention Canada, which, to my utter disappointment, is the Fashington stooge in this war. 

If there had to be sanctions, they should be taken against the Kiev regime, guilty of crimes against humanity and war crimes. To justify its criminogenic policy, the putschist junta of Kiev stirs up the fable of the Russian invasion! For two and a half years, these bloodthirsty psychopaths, without giving any proof of their pathological delirium, can only lie, with the tacit assent of the Westerners, in order to hope to remain in power and avert the ever greater anger of the Ukrainian people. Because, on the occasion of the fatal third anniversary of the pseudo-revolution of “dignity” (sic!), the little people are beginning to feel a little cuckolded! 

At the same time, after being manipulated by the US to overthrow an elected president, replacing the elected government with multi-billionaire oligarchs hits people like a hint of piss.**** 

This is unfortunately the drama of all peoples who allow themselves to be lulled, voluntarily or not, by the propaganda of the West on the mirage of prosperity and freedom (of being a slave of stateless bankers!) The mirage of liberal “democracies”! Welcome to the realm of illusion Ukrainian comrade! The dream is sweet, the awakening is brutal!

Donald Tusk, the unelected President of the European Council, hopes that the sanctions against Russia will be extended even before the next council of heads of state in December. A true democrat this Donald! (see the article at footnote*). All under the patronage of Barack Oblabla, who goes from his advice to Trump to Brussels to continue his Russia-phobic policy. Because the tenant waiting to clean up after all his crimes (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine etc), proclaims that Russia must be punished if it does not respect the values of the USA! 

Ah yes, that’s how it goes with these people! But Oblabla, what values were you talking about? Have you seen the state of your country with its tens of millions of poor, infrastructure that is falling into ruin,***** a debt of nearly 20 thousand billion dollars, junk food and its ravages on bitter-rags etc. [Bitter-rags = amères-loques: untranslatable pun suggesting the condition of Americans. Sounds like amerilox] 

So, before bringing up your policy, take care of your own affairs, and stop wanting to impose your model in bankruptcy to the rest of the planet! 

But, little Barack, why should he care. Because the sanctions weaken the bankrupt economies of the EU countries a little more. It’s all to the good for US businesses for undercutting competing companies! As far as agriculture is concerned, it is our peasants who, because of the betrayal of our political class, are sold out to interests contrary to our country! ******

Clearly, and as usual, it is the people who will pay dear with the probable onslaught of iniquitous sanctions against Russia. Thanks EU, real Washington prostitute!
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