The EU just handed Russia a moral victory in the information war…

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November 25, 2016 – Fort Russ – 

Ruslan Ostashko, Live Journal – translated by J. Arnoldski –

Today I want to, following President Putin, congratulate the journalists of RT and Sputnik for their great moral victory. The European Parliament has adopted a resolution on counteracting Russian propaganda which de facto equated such to ISIS. This is a success. 

Let’s recall the joke that we have only two competitive products: the world’s best ballet and the Kalashnikov rifle. But now we can say that we have the best propaganda in the world, and this fact has been confirmed by European deputies’ resolution. If they laughed at our propaganda, if it was ineffective, or if it did not have a real impact on European public opinion, then there would never have been this kind of resolution.

It should be noted that the European Parliament chose the most defeatist path possible. The resolution adopted had a mere recommendatory nature which contains a lot of criticism of Russian propaganda and Russia’s “negative impact” in general, including even the role of the Russian Orthodox Church across the wonderful European Union. The Eurodeputies didn’t have the strength, means, nor political will to implement real censorship. 

What is the result? Everything is clear: RT and Sputnik have received a free, ideal promotion and advertisement on the level of the EU’s main legislative authority. This is simply a fantastic strengthening of our image as counter-cultural and anti-system players on the information market. This is great!

European deputies should be paid for this, and I am speaking absolutely seriously. After all, they have done a whole PR move for Russian propaganda for free! I think that yesterday RT and Sputnik offices opened bottles of champagne. After all, it’s not everyday that one gets free gifts.

I perfectly know that there is nothing better in terms of advertising than banning something. Forbidden fruit is sweet and forbidden fruit is sought after. Forbidden fruit is even paid for, and it is even better in the case of Russian propaganda, because this forbidden fruit is free. Consumers are ready to search for forbidden fruit despite all the obstacles and difficulties. Want to make a book popular? Ban it. The same mechanism is at work here. 

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Regardless of nationality or wealth, people like to prove to themselves and those around them that they think freely and are not the slaves of an official system of politically correct discourse. Now the European Parliament has shown them a free and pleasant way to do so – you just have to watch RT. How can you make political media fashionable and even attractive to young people? When evil, stupid, and unloved adult bureaucrats from the European Parliament ban something, then the fashion and attractiveness of such will come by itself. 

Does this remind you of anything? The behavior of the European Parliament reminds me of the Soviet nomenklatura’s behavior in the period when it finally became detached from reality and felt that information warfare could be waged by bans. This ended in total defeat in the information war as the bans themselves became clear signs of the ideological bankruptcy of those who introduced them. 

To this day, there are still freaks in the European Parliament who believe that they are fighting against communism when they try to ban Russian propaganda in the EU. These people put the Russian Orthodox Church and ISIS on the same list and have demanded that the former’s devastating effect on European unity be stopped. I don’t understand how these approaches coexist in the heads of European deputies, but it is obvious that they have finally detached themselves from reality. 

History teaches us that such operations cannot last long, and that they usually end with the painful collapse of the political system attempting to close the mouths of its critics and shut the ears of its citizens. 

Looking at Brexit and European parliamentarians’ messing around, it is difficult to not think that the EU is being crept up on by its own personal Perestroika with an axe in its hand. 

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We need to learn not to censor opinions that are unpleasant to us, no matter how justified our anger is. We need to learn from the mistakes of our past and from the current mistakes of Europeans. Foreign propaganda cannot be defeated by bans. Such only makes it stronger. We need to win by spreading the truth. We’re lucky enough to be able to do this, while our Western opponents can’t. The truth is on our side, and this means that we will win. 

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