Ukrainian politicians scramble to delete old anti-Trump posts


November 9, 2016 – Fort Russ – 

PolitRussia – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

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Ukrainian politicians are rushing to delete their posts on social networks in which they called Donald Trump different offensive words. Among the epithets sprinkled on the Republican candidate and new US President were “dangerous marginal,” “complete idiot,” and “clown.”

If Arseniy Yatsenyuk, having already left Ukrainian Olympus, might not threatened by the consequences of destructively criticizing the new US president, then the acting head of Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, Arsen Avakov, will have to explain the words he wrote on Facebook as well as the accompanying picture. 

“US presidential candidate Trump’s shameless statement on the possibility of recognizing Crimea as Russian is a diagnosis of a dangerous marginal. He is just as dangerous for Ukraine as he is for the US. A marginal indulging Putin’s dictatorship cannot be a guarantor of democratic freedoms in the US and the world..No wonder Manafort earlier headed Yanukovych’s headquarters, and now Trump’s. Yanukovich fled to Russia through Crimea. Where will Manafort take Trump? #Trumpisours”

Besides the ex-prime minister and head of the Ukrainian interior ministry, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, diplomats, and other officials have bad mouthed Trump. Ukraine’s ambassador to the UN, Yuri Sergeev, called the newly elected US president a clown. 

“Apparently, the clown Trump has gone off the rails on his tour. He is a greater danger to the US than terrorism.”

The Kiev-based political analyst Kost Bondarenko sarcastically advised everyone insulting Trump to look at the experience of the French press writing about Napoleon Bonaparte depending on when he won or not. 

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“Trump’s victory reminds me of a classic anecdote from the early 19th century. After Napoleon returned from the island of Elba and began his march on Paris, a Parisian newspaper printed rather endemic editorials with such titles as ‘The Corsican Monster Broke Loose and Landed in the Gulf of Juan’, ‘The Ogre is in Grasse,’ ‘The Usurper has entered Grenoble’, ‘Bonaparte captured Lyon,’ ‘Napoleon is closing in on Fontainebleau,’ and then ‘Today His Imperial Majesty will Arrive in his Loyal Paris and Hold a Banquet at the Tuileries Palace.’ Follow the comments and publications in the Ukrainian media,” Bondarenko wrote. 

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