Unpaid Chernobyl veterans, underpaid teachers storm the Rada


November 3, 2016  – Fort Russ News –

Liliya Filatova, in Politobzor, Nov 1, 2016, translated by Tom Winter –

К штурмующим прямо сейчас Раду взбешенным украинцам прибыло подкрепление

Right now, an angry crowd of veterans from the Chernobyl clean-up have gathered in front of the Kiev Verkhovna Rada: They are not receiving their benefits. The crowd tried to storm the parliament, so their deputies would hear then out and start to act rather than just shrug all over again.
К штурмующим Раду прямо сейчас взбешенным украинцам прибыло пополнение
Now the event is gaining an even larger scale as two thousand teachers have joined the Chernobyl cleanup veterans. A column of teachers partially blocked traffic for vehicles on Grushevskogo street.

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The demands of the teachers are simple and reasonable: raise our wages, and not just yours, and cancel the increase in tariffs, which was physically impossible to pay since they are higher than the salaries.

The fatcat deputies of the Verkhovna Rada and the Prime Minister, who backdated salary increases for themselves and the president, have brought the citizens of Ukraine to the limit, as people take to the streets and storm City Councils. Recently in Vinnitsa protesters tried to storm the city council and the break in to the session hall.

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