Valentin Katasonov: America is in agony and Trump is the doctor

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November 12, 2016 – Fort Russ

Neyromir TV (Video) – Valentin Katasonov – Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova

The heated discussion in the media is a diversion – focused on marginal issues appealing to emotions, while much graver issues that are at stake are hidden behind the scenes, explains Valentin Katasonov, professor, associate member of the Russian Academy of Economic Science and Business.

Part 1 (00.00-14.00)

V.K: Trump understands the situation. I didn’t expect him to be so open about revealing all the ills. He is revealing many of the secrets. This is better for America – to face the diagnosis, than to conceal it from  the patient. 

As you know interest rates in the countries of the Golden billion are below the floor. Last year when interest rates were slightly raised, this caused serious consequences. Christine Lagarde appealed to stop or the global economy will crash. They did not raise interest rates again as planned. Not in the first or the second quarter. They are in a very difficult situation. Trump said if interest rates are raised America will default, because most of the budget will go to pay for interest rates. 

Trump probably wants to save capitalism, but capitalism without interest rates is nonsense. Trump  is a defender of capitalism.

Host: Who is Hillary Clinton?

V.K.: She doesn’t say who she is, she is focused on some marginal subjects, like rights of minorities or climate change. We understand that these are silly games.

Host: But climate change is real?

V.K.: You know I was involved in this as part of World Bank and I know their schemes. Although there might be something going on, I can assure that they don’t really care about it. 

Host: What about the ruble?

V.K. It depends when this apocalypse will take place. The dropping of the ruble is part of the plan of the occupation.

Only God knows when this apocalypse will happen, may be not next week, could be few months of years for sure, because all the resources have been exhausted. Trump senses this very well, and he wants to save capitalism and America, and for this he wants to negotiate with the lenders and restructure American debt. In reality America is working on new technologies which don’t require any negotiations, I am taking about Iran. As you know in the beginning of 2o16 Uncle Sam said we are finally cancelling sanctions and unfreeze Iran’s foreign assets.

There are many conditions, some things are written down. Iran is not happy that America is writing off $2 billion to cover losses from terrorist act in Lebanon in 1983. I looked at some documents, Iran had nothing to do with it, but Uncle Sam found them guilty, just like those in 9/11. It turns out the culprit was Saudi Arabia. 

Host: But Saudi Arabia threatened to sell treasuries and was taken off the list of culprits?

V.K. Who will let them sell it? Treasuries are in the depositories, it’s a double key system, Saudi Arabia has one key and Uncle Sam has another key

Host: Why is Russia buying these treasuries while in a crisis? We did mention this is a levy, but if we don’t develop our industry and science nothing will help us?

V.K. You know some of our elites hope they have an second base in the USA, the ‘unsinkable’. We know some people have already set up base there, like the first deputy minister of finance. Some are closer, like the former minister of agriculture is in France. It is easier to count those who did not leave. This shows we are dealing with colonial administration which receives basic guarantees for citizenship in the US, France, GB.

Host: Their policies lead to total collapse, what if the owners are not happy?

V.K.: You know, lets not overestimate the masters, they act as parasites. Parsites keep feeding not thinking that the food will run out and they may also perish. They don’t see beyond their nose.

Speaking of Iran, according to Iran, their foreign reserves comprise $130 billion, according to US – $100 billion, half of them are gold and currency reserves belonging to Iran’s Central bank, or the Sovereign fund of Iran. I think they will eat up these 130 billion very fast, because after the $2 billion, US announced they will demand $11.5 billion for 9/11. The appetite comes during the meal. The Iranian parliament discussed a bill to allow the government to begin a case about damages to Iran by USA. A working group will inventory all the events and estimate them. 

Today the world is entering a repatriation game, this is a commercialization of international relations and monetizing of our history. This is very important to Russian Federation. Baltic countries continue to work on such demands, especially Latvia. Ukraine is a little different. While the Baltics refer to Soviet occupation, Ukraine is talking about Crimea. Monetizing losses from events in Donbass and so on. I am just saying we should be a step ahead, we must prepare the same contra-measures.

Don’t get caught up in the media’s agenda, dig deeper and think with your own head! – KK

Part 2 coming soon…

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