Why American imperialists hate and fear Joseph Stalin – Andrei Fursov


November 28th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Andrei Fursov is one of Russia’s top historians and social scientists whose authorship has produced more than 200 scholarly works, including 9 whole monographs. His intellect is widely respected and has made its home at Russia’s leading universities, such as the Russian Academy of Sciences and Moscow State University. 

In this straightforward and insightful clip, Dr. Fursov smashes one of the bedrocks of Russophobia (and anti-communism for that matter), which is the slandering, downplaying, or denial of the importance of the victory of Stalin’s Soviet Union in the Great Patriotic War (known in the West as the Eastern Front in World War II). 

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Fursov outlines Stalin’s role in leading the Soviet Union to victory, puts the hardships and triumphs in context, and draws connections throughout Russian history up to the present day. According to Dr. Fursov, the American imperialists not only hate but fear the legacy of Stalin and the Soviet Union for one simple reason: Russia won. And in doing so, it saved humanity. Attempts to rewrite history can only lead to one thing: more such tragedies in the present and the future. Stalin and the Soviet Union’s wartime legacy mark a red line in the sand. 

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