Will an Anti-Trump Color Revolution engulf the US?


November 11, 2016 – 

By Eduard Popov for Fort Russ – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

On November 9th, despite the overwhelming majority of forecasts, the eccentric billionaire Donald Trump won the US presidential elections, not the favorite of the American elites, Hillary Clinton. 

But Trump’s joy is not shared by everyone. Many American citizens don’t consider him to be their president. A wave of demonstrations and protests has swept across America which are becoming stronger with each passing day. Today, November 11th, it was reported that a petition to the electors to recognize Hillary Clinton’s victory has already gathered 2 million signatures (over two, not even whole days!) 

The situation unfolding today in the US is in some of its features reminiscent of the situation in Ukraine during the first “Orange Revolution” of 2004. Ukraine was split into two camps along geographic lines: the South and East were for the winner of the second round of elections, Viktor Yanukovych, and the West and Center were for Viktor Yushchenko, the leader of the liberal opposition. Of course, this comparison might be somewhat arbitrary, but what ties together the present situation in the US and Ukraine in 2004 is that Ukrainian and American society turned out to be split. 

In the US, according to published statistics, 70% of the white population voted for Donald Trump along with most Protestants and slightly more than half of Catholics. For Hillary Clinton voted racial minorities – 88% of African Americans and 65% of people of Latin American origin. Clinton was also supported by religious minorities, such as Jews, Muslims, and atheists, sexual minorities, and supporters of “cultural revolution,” i.e., the intelligentsia living in the big cities. This is at least how the picture looks from Russia. 

I will posit that Yanukovych’s victory in the second round of elections and Trump’s victory divided their nations insofar as the elections were polarized along the positions of citizens (whether geographical, racial, or cultural). The second, losing half of the population felt deceived and betrayed. In Ukraine, the situation was then transformed into the exact opposite: as a result of an unconstitutional “third round” of elections, the president’s victory was handed over to Western Ukraine’s candidate, Yushchenko. Then it was the South and East that felt betrayed. 

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Larger and larger masses of people in the US are protesting. I think that these protests will subside and won’t lead to anything big. But the cultural-civilizational and racial split, not receiving any political solution, will only become deeper and create the basis for a genuine split of the nation. Something similar already happened in US history, when there was the split into the Federalist North and Confederate South. But now the situation seems much more complex and the contradictions are far more varied and not restricted to geographical borders.

Ironically, the first signs of a color revolution can be observed in the US – in the likes of all of such that the US has engineered in different countries. On social networks, the hashtag #Calexit is gaining popularity among California residents. This is a call to proclaim the independence of California and its secession from the US by analogy with Brexit in the UK.

Individual states in the US have talked about separatism before, but only now is separatism gaining a broad social basis after the presidential elections split American society into two maps: the white population, and racial and religious minorities including the supporters of multiculturalism.

But what has particularly struck me personally in the current situation surrounding the elections results is the reaction to Trump’s victory among EU leaders. It is a paradox that such a junior partner (if not vassal) of the US, the European Union, dares to criticize the will of the American people, and even support protests against Trump, i.e., a potential color revolution in the US! One Russian newspaper quoted an anonymous member of the European Parliament according to whom the destructive effect of the outcome of the elections has 10 times surpassed the aftermath of the referendum on Great Britain’s exit from the EU. Judging by everything, this is not only the personal opinion of one European MEP. This is the assessment of the overwhelming majority of the European political mainstream.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, who perhaps might be the future Chancellor of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, has urged the EU to prepare for Trump’s “unpredictable” foreign policy. The head of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, did not refrain from expressing himself when he compared Trump’s victory to Brexit. In his opinion, people turn to “protest voting” when they are not taken seriously. Thus, one of the leaders of the European Union supports a color revolution in the US!

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Multicultural Europe is standing in support of the multicultural US. How far will the protests in America go and how far will European politicians go in supporting a color revolution in the US? In my opinion, the process is much more important than the result. The country is split, just like the Western elites themselves…

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