A catalog of Russian worldwide influence: Brexit, USA, France, Germany, Europe!

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December 15, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

KavkazCenter, translated by Tom Winter –

“Russia interfered in the referendum on England’s exit from the EU, says the MP and ex-Minister of Culture Ben Bradshaw”

Translator note: These amateurs are crowding professional satirists out of work.

Russia intervened in the referendum on the withdrawal of England from the European Union. According to the newspaper The Independent, this was declared by the Labour Party MP and former Minister of Culture, Ben Bradshaw.

According to the deputy, the likely intervention of Moscow in the Brexit voting happened in the same way as in other countries. The MP was referring to accusations that the Russian special services tried to influence the outcome of the November US presidential election.

“We have no proof of this but I think it’s very likely,” Bradshaw said, speaking in Parliament during the debate on the situation in Syria. As is known, Russia is blamed in the West about the war in Syria.

In his speech, Bradshaw said that Russia also affected the movement of the huge flows of migrants into Europe to destabilize the EU. According to him, “Russia’s strategy is to weaken and divide the free world,” and the directing of the biggest shift since the Second World War, the flow of refugees to Europe “is deliberate,” “part of the plan.”

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The MP reminded about the elections in France. According to the parliamentarian, the intervention of Russia in the electoral process in this country can be forecast from a request of the National Front, led by Marine Le Pen, for a multi-million dollar loan from a Russian bank to assist in the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2017.

The newspaper The Washington Post reported last week that the CIA established the involvement of people associated with Russian authorities in the transfer of hacked US Democratic Party documents to WikiLeaks. The purpose of this effort was to help the Republican Donald Trump to defeat his opponent from the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, concluded the analysts.

The Independent notes that, in turn, German politicians and intelligence officials also warn that hackers and others acting in the interest of the Russian authorities may affect the results of the parliamentary elections in Germany next year.

A referendum on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union was held on June 23. More than half of Britons who took part in the plebiscite voted for Brexit. After that, Prime Minister David Cameron resigned, replaced by ex-Interior Minister Theresa May.

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