ALEPPO OFFENSIVE: 85% of Aleppo cauldron liberated, terrorists beg for ceasefire (PHOTOS+VIDEOS)


December 8, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

RusVesna – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

Over the course of Wednesday, the Syrian army held a successful special operation in Aleppo, liberating 6 districts of the city at once.

Under the command of Hero of Syria Colonel Suheil al-Hassan, known a “Tiger,” Syrian troops and allied units liberated 6 districts: Al-Salkhin, Maadi, Bab al-Neyrab, Al-Nadid, Al-Mardja, Sheikh Lufti, as well as the neighborhoods surrounding the citadel in Old Aleppo. 

Militants are withdrawing to the southern districts of eastern Aleppo.

The armed forces of the Syrian Arab Republic have now swept more than 85% of all of the ‘Aleppo cauldron’ of terrorists after having taken 7 districts on Tuesday and beating armed gangs out of southeastern Aleppo’s neighborhoods in the direction of the Sheikh Said district, which is still held by the Islamists, on Wednesday night. 

A military source has forwarded frontline footage to Russian Spring taken by the political directorate of the Syrian Arab Army. The videos show troops storming buildings and streets and tanks rushing through the enemy’s defensive lines. 

Today in Aleppo, another unusual event in the history of the battle for Syria’s largest city took place. SAA units breaking through the gangs’ defense from the east met up with the garrison of the ancient Aleppo Citadel, entering the medieval castle through the main gate. A few weeks ago, many people would have resigned this event to the realm of absolute fantasy.

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The elite Tiger force and Desert Falcon brigades, together with Lebanese Hezbollah and the Republican Guard of the Syrian Arab Army, have liberated 6 districts over 24 hours and are continuing to attack the jihadists of the Jaish al-Fatah and Fatah Aleppo coalitions.

As a result of daily offensives, dozens of terrorists have been eliminated and more than a hundred bandits have surrendered. 

After sweeping the above-mentioned districts, the army targeted the strategically important Sheikh Said bloc located in the southern part of the Aleppo cauldron. When the army succeeds in taking this district, the armed gangs will collapse and have no other choice than to surrender or be annihilated. 

Fierce firefights between Syrian troops and terrorists of the Jaish al-Fatah and Fatah Aleppo Islamist coalitions are continuing along the entire frontline.

The Syrian army is trying to completely liberate the rest of the metropolis in the briefest possible span of time. Out of the 45 districts that only two weeks ago were still occupied by armed gangs, only the Qalasa, Bustan al Qasr, Ansari, Mashkhad, Suqari, Zabudiya Salheddin, Qarm ad-Daada, and Sheikh Said remain under the control of illegal armed formations.

As has been reported, the terrorists are desperately requesting that the Syrian government cease combat operations in Aleppo for a period of 5 days, claiming that 500 of their supporters are severely injured and need medical care.

A military source also told Russian Spring that counter-intelligence has detected militants among the refugees and mass of civilians exiting the Qarm el-Jebel district.

“Over the past day, more than 1,100 people, among them 360 children (58 infants)” have exited according to the source.

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The source continued: “The political mukhabarat (security service) have detected and arrested 54 militants, who are now being checked, among the exiting civilian population. The civilians fleeing dangerous districts have been directed to centers for internally displaced persons. Moscow and Damscus are providing all refugees with needed housing and medical care.” 

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