ALEPPO OFFENSIVE: Only 5% of Aleppo left in terrorist hands (MAPS+VIDEO)

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December 9, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

RusVesna – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

The Syrian army is waging an offensive in the Sheikh-Said, Suqqari, and Bustan al-Quasir districts in Aleppo. 

On December 8th, the media wing of Hezbollah, which is taking part in the operation, reported: “The Syrian army and its allies are reducing the territory of Aleppo that is controlled by terrorists from 87 square kilometers to 10 square kilometers, which makes up 5% of the total city area. Before the start of the operation, 46% of the city was in the hands of terrorist groups.”

On Thursday morning, government troops continued their powerful offensive in Aleppo, attacking militants’ positions in the strategically important Sheikh-Said neighborhood in the south of the city, whose fall threatens the gangs with a complete breakdown in their defensive order and, consequently, defeat.

The Syrian Arab Republic’s armed forces are being aided by Russian military advisers and aircraft which are launching airstrikes and preventing counterattacks by groups outside of the ‘Aleppo cauldron.’ 

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A military source has reported that Russian military aircraft have recently bombed several militant strongholds near Aleppo. 

In Sheikh-Said, troops led by the elite Tiger Force and Desert Falcons brigades have struck at the fortifications of Jaish al-Fatah from several directions. The Syrian Arab Army has managed to break through the armed gangs’ defenses in the western part of Sheikh-Said, liquidating and wounding a number of terrorists. The SAA has since come to control more ground in this most important neighborhood, beating terrorists out of their positions.

Troops have also since successfully attacked militants in the as-Suqqari district. Together with the Desert Falcons brigade, they have launched a powerful attack on Bustan al-Quasir in the northern part of the district.

Some media have asserted that all of Sheikh-Said has been liberated by Syrian troops, but Arab war correspondents and military sources have said that this is not yet true. Hezbollah’s press service, for instance, has reported: “The Syrian army and its allies are making progress in southern Aleppo, and in the Sheikh-Said district troops have taken control over a number of buildings and residential complexes north of the electric company following fierce fighting with bandits and losses in the the ranks of the enemy.”  

After the fall of Sheikh-Said, it is expected that the bands’ defenses in the Aleppo cauldron will completely collapse, shortly after which it will be completely swept by the Syrian Arab Republic’s armed forces.

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The heads of terrorist groups have called for a ceasefire, but Damascus has so far ignored these proposals. 

Drone footage has also been released showing the Syrian army’s control over the center of Old Aleppo and its central citadel. 

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