ALEPPO OFFENSIVE: SAA advances, terrorists flee in south and east Aleppo (VIDEO)

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December 1, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

RusVesna – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

The Syrian army and its allies are continuing their victorious offensive in Aleppo.

“The strategically important Sheikh-Said district has been taken by troops following fierce clashes with militants during a special operation in the south of the city,” Hezbolla’s press service reports in addition to publishing new, updated maps:

The Lebanese Resistance’s report summarizes: “Together with their allies, the army has liberated Sheikh-Said in the southern part of the city of Aleppo, where the hunt for remaining terrorists is ongoing. Clashes with militant groups continue, but government forces are moving forward in battle south of the Amiria neighborhood in order to sweep out militants and liberate the civilians who have been held hostage.”

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Before taking Sheikh-Said, Syrian troops liberated a fuel repository and the entire Sadqop neighborhood in addition to what remained under occupation of the Ar-Ramusa district.

Afterwards, the Syrian army attacked the gangs’ positions in Sheikh-Said. The assault operation was launched from two directions: from Ar-Ramusa in the south and Al-Aziziyah in the east.

It is reported that bandits are fleeing to the neighboring As-Sukri bloc, where intense firefights are now raging. At the same time, Syrian troops have continued their offensive on the Al-Amiriyah area in the Qaram Al-Tarab district west of Neirab Airport.


Following a short break, government forces have continued their large-scale offensive on the positions surrounded by terrorists in eastern Aleppo. Another blow was dealt by the SAA in the student housing complex in the Halbaniya neighborhood.

Headed by Syria’s Tiger Forces, the army has broken through the defenses of the Jaish al-Fath coalition on this sector of the front and routed the insurgents.

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In addition to taking the dormitory complex, units of the Syrian Arab Army’s Republican Guard and Lebanese Hezbollah liberated 80% of the territory surrounding Sheikh-Said in south Aleppo, eliminating a large number of terrorists.

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