ALEPPO OFFENSIVE: SAA close to old city center, terrorists fight each other in bid to flee cauldron (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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December 5, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

RusVesna – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

Terrorists in Aleppo are continuing to lose neighborhood after neighborhood under the blows of the Syrian Arab Army in the east of the city. 

Reports have come in that Syria’s special Tiger Forces have liberated the Al-Katerdji and Qarm al-Tahan districts. Today, fighters under Colonel Suhail al-Hassan have liberated farms near Al-Meysar and have almost cleared terrorists out of the surroundings of this third district.

The national optometric hospital in the Qazi Skar neighborhood has also been taken complete control over by the Tiger Force.

Russian airstrikes are hitting the terrorists’ strongholds where their forces are concentrated, not allowing them to cover their accomplices surrounded in the Aleppo cauldron.

Today, the Syrian army and allies ousted jihadists from their stronghold in Karm al-Meysar, thus rendering the militants’ situation practically hopeless. The bandits have begun surrendering to the Syrian military en masse.

Fierce firefights are also underway in the Karm al-Katerdji district, where the Syrian army is breaking the gangs’ defense.

Yesterday, government troops began a mass-scale offensive on the Halvaniya and Tariq al-Bab districts, beating back terrorists from a number of residential complexes. Today, the Syrian Arab Army has continued its military operation on sweeping eastern Aleppo from armed groups.

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Following the great successes achieved by the Syrian Army in the last few days, the Islamists in the northern part of the city are close to being completely surrounded in a small pocket, where their chances of survival are practically zero. 

Hezbollah’s press service has reported: “Our units, in cooperation with allied forces, are continuing to advance in Aleppo’s eastern districts, and have already regained control over the circular road in Al-Jazmati and Al-Halvaniya, thus advancing in the direction of the Hanano district while chasing away the remnants of the terrorists fleeing the district.”

Hezbollah has also reported that the “militants have subjected several schools to rocket shelling.”

“On the map showing the progress of the Syrian army in regaining eastern Aleppo, one can see the control over the circular roads of Al-Jazmati and and in Al-Haalvaniya on the way to Hanano. Control over a number of buildings in the Al-Qatri district can also be seen,” Hezbollah’s report summarizes.

In addition, it has become known that “heavy fighting has broken out between terrorist groupings in Aleppo.”

Jebhat al-Nusra and Qataib Abu Ommar have stormed the headquarters of Faylaq al-Sham and Jaish al-Islam to replenish their arms and ammunition.


This evening, Syrian troops strengthened their positions and have continued sweeping and de-mining districts while armed bandit formations clash with one another. MLRS’s, tanks, artillery, and heavy machine guns are being used in the battles. From the air, military air forces are striking the enemy.

As of now, the Tiger Forces and SAA soldiers at the national optometric hospital have little more then 500 meters between them and the citadel of Aleppo (according to other sources – 800m). Thus, the Aleppo cauldron could once again be divided into nearly two parts.

Military experts suggest that the militants are abandoning their positions north of the fortress in the vicinity of the old town in order to not be trapped in the cauldron upon it being completely cut off into two parts.

Reports have also appeared that militants have begun arresting their members for allegedly planning to go over to government forces. Around 150 Islamists from Jaish al-Islam were arrested and taken to an unidentified place by forces of the Aleppo jihadists’ coalition. The leader of the Army of Islam, known as Suhaib, managed to escape arrest.

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These reports have been uncovered by famous media activists from the “moderate opposition,” who have said that the troops and food stores of Jaish al-Islam are being raided by other groupings. 

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