Are Russian Spetsnaz fighting in Aleppo? (PHOTO+VIDEO)

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December 6, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

RusVesna – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

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A number of military experts, including foreign ones, are of the opinion that the efficient operations of Russian Spetsnaz are behind the recent big successes of the Syrian Army in eastern Aleppo. A number of signs have been noted which lend to such a conclusion. 

First of all, experts believe that the remarkably accurate airstrikes of Russian and Syrian air forces would be impossible without the meticulous work of spotters on the front lines and even behind enemy lines. Insofar as the Syrian military does not have such experience, no one is capable of fulfilling such tasks other than Russian special forces.

Secondly, quite recently – in fact just before the storming of the eastern districts of Aleppo – social media was filled with a wave of reports by militants about the assassination of dozens of the notorious leaders of terrorist groupings. Some of them where liquidated during nighttime by long-range, large-caliber sniper rifles, while others died from being hit by precision-guided munitions while answering cellphones or using satellite communications…The handwriting of Russian Spetsnaz is also evident in these “technical neutralizations.” 

Moreover, official sources in the Russian defense ministry have “reluctantly” confirmed that there are Russian Spetsnaz in Syria who are actively sharing their experience with Syrian colleagues. The most experienced officers are working as advisers to the commanders of the Syrian Arab Republic’s special task units.

For example, the Russian commander of a group of troops in Syria, Colonel General A. Dvornikov, stated in an interview: “Units of our special operations forces are operating on the territory of Syria. They are carrying out reconnaissance for Russian air strike targets, are guiding planes towards their targets in remote areas, and are resolving other special tasks.”

In the photo below are military advisors from the Russian Spetsnaz in Aleppo on December 3rd, 2016:

In the next three photos taken at different times are fighters from Russia’s special operations forces in Syria:

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The footage below shows precision Russian and Syrian air strikes in Aleppo, in which missiles precisely hit the groups and vehicles of armed gangs while avoiding causing significant damage to city infrastructure.

The work of unknown special forces fighters in Aleppo, who experts say are “not at all Syrian”, has also been caught on video: 

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