BREAKING: Aleppo now 100% Liberated by Syrian Arab Army

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December 22nd, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 
– by Joaquin Flores – 

The City of Aleppo has just been completely liberated from the terrorists and is entirely under the control of government forces, said the Syrian army command.

Starting at the end of July of 2012, various self-described rebel and mercenary groups, including numerous internationally recognized terrorist organizations backed by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, the US etc., had managed to take hold of critical areas of Aleppo once the city’s defenses were penetrated.

The campaign to liberate Aleppo from this combination mercenary and terrorist army began on November 8th, 2013, starting with Operation Canopus Star, which succeeded in restoring the supply lines between Aleppo and central Syria. 

For the next three years, this would transform into a devastating war of attrition with much of the city’s former inhabitants totaling 2.5 million, fleeing and being displaced. 

Russia entered the conflict formally, at the request and invitation of the Syrian government, one year, two months, and three weeks ago on September 30th, 2015. Here it became mathematically clear that, barring a successful increase in support for the terrorist and mercenary armies on the part of the US and co., Russia’s combined air and ‘officially unofficial ‘PMC (private mercenary company) ground campaign would ultimately push back the foreign invasion of Syria. 

A week ago, on about December 15th, the Syrian government and its allies in the conflict announced that the battle for Aleppo was almost complete, with more than 90% of the formerly occupied city liberated. 

In the hours prior to last weeks announcement, people claiming to be a-political ‘Syrian citizens of Aleppo’ made a series of orchestrated ‘final pleas and goodbyes’ using their contacts and supporters in western media outlets. It was only a matter of minutes before other social networking activists opposed to this western orchestrated and financed war, exposed these as hoaxes/stunts carried out by several well known embedded pro-terrorist social networking activists.

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These messages apparently failed to resonate, and despite a shrill western media campaign bemoaning the ‘loss’ (sic) of Aleppo, western and Gulf states were unable to mobilize necessary support at the level of the international community. 

Following this were several attempts to broker a non-surrender, sanctioned ‘retreat’ to Idlib. While ISIS still holds territory in the inland, eastern parts of Syria, as well as parts of Iraq, there is a general consensus that the battle for Aleppo would determine the future course of the conflict. 

Syrian officials confirmed this, stating:

“This victory is of strategic importance and has become critical in the fight against terrorism on the one hand and a crushing blow to the project (to destroy Syria – ed), terrorists and those who support them,” according to the official statement.

A convoy was formed on Thursday, out of 15 cars and four buses, exported the last small group of fighters from eastern Aleppo.

Evacuation of combatants began on December 15th but was suspended the next day, after the militants violated the agreement and attempted to take with them prisoners and weapons. According to various sources, at the time of the evacuation of the eastern part of Aleppo has about 40 thousand people left, including militants.

As the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad said, the liberation of Aleppo from the terrorists is the successful work of the Syrian army and all its allies, especially Russia and Iran.

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