BREAKING: Syrian Army repels ISIS attack on Palmyra – Ready the Horses!

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December 10th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 
– SAA FB official, combined reports, J. Flores – 

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Various sources including the SAA FB official, and Sputnik citing Al Masdar News, are reporting that the Syrian Arab Army has successfully repulsed an attack by ISIS on Palmyra. 

To fill readers in on the story as it evolved – yesterday, December 9th, the BBC, Reuters as well as the SAA FB official, all began to report that ISIS was shelling SAA positions in Palmyra and was preparing to attack. 

As of this morning, western media began to report that ISIS was successfully taking Palmyra. Conflicting reports began to emerge, in which ISIS was experiencing difficulties penetrating the SAA defensive. 

At a certain point, reports from AMN as well as western media outlets, appeared to confirm that ISIS had taken Palmyra successfully. Within an hour, however, confirmed reports emerged that the SAA reinforcements had approached the city and were already beginning to push ISIS out. 

By around 10pm GMT, reports had confirmed that the SAA had successfully repelled ISIS, in other reports, that the SAA had successfully retaken Palmyra – the consequence being the same, with the SAA in control of Palmyra. 

Earlier this afternoon, the SAA FB reported: 

“ISIS launched yesterday a large attack on the Syrian Arab Army’s points around Palmyra; which resulted in pulling out from some of the points, also counterattacking therefore the situation is unstable and changing rapidly and its hard to keep up and publish everything at once.

SyAAF and RuAF are providing air support to the defending troops and to the troops launching counterattacks.”

Several hours later, they reported: 

“There are more than 18 SyAAF and RuAF gunships over Palmyra now. The battle is not easy and very complicated, the tides and rises on the map are normal in such battles and attacks.

The Syrian troops on the ground and SyAAF and RuAF will not spare an effort to deter the attack and protect the city, and will not spare an effort to retake whatever points it withdrew from.

A piece of advice, don’t take any news from there as definitive until it’s announced by the Syrian Ministry of Defense, as we mentioned it’s a complex battle and changes on the ground are rapid.”

As the situation began to turn around, they gave this dispatch:

“If the situations stays as it is now then we are going to a victory in Palmyra.

When the fog of war is gone we will share few details about what is the most brilliant military operation since the beginning of the war.

Our confidence is high in the Syrian troops on the ground and we are confident things will end their way.”

About an hour ago from the time of this publication, they reported: 

“Ready the horses and call out the queen to salute those who protected her city with their blood.”

Queen Septimia Zenobia, Queen of the Palmyrene Empire (3rd Century) and symbol of Palmyra.

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