Despite Hollande and his press, French Syria policy is a shipwreck and the people know it

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December 11, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

– Floris de Bonneville in Boulevard Voltaire, translated by Tom Winter –

The French see clearly that, on Syria too, the policy of France, piloted since 2012 by MM. Holland and Fabius, is a shipwreck.

Once again, Jean-Michel Aphatie was pathetic in his interview, last Thursday, with Henri Guaino on France Info. The independent candidate in the presidential election often sent him back into the net where he and his acolytes were trapped.

With his stern and accusatory air, his unbearable accent, our media star at a few tens of thousands of euros a month has not worked free of his anti-Russian attitude: “Russia is behaving with unprecedented brutality and we can speak of Inhumanity in Aleppo.” In support of his reasoning, he shows an excerpt from a video of a young man whose mother and sister were killed by a shell. A shell that was perhaps one of hundreds launched on Aleppo by … the moderate rebels whom Aphatie and his friends refuse to designate for what they are: Islamist terrorists.

Then the idiotic question: “Does the Russian army conduct itself in Syria as a civilized nation ought to do?” Henri Guaino’s relevant answer:” First, the Russian army is not on the ground [as a combatant], and secondly, how can a war be civilized? “And as the deputy of the LR [Les Républicains] reminded the journalist of the 100,000 victims of the British bombing in Dresden … “But we are talking about 2016!” replied Aphatius stupidly. And what did the Americans do in Hiroshima? Who was in charge of the flying fortresses that razed the French cities and killed thousands of civilians in 1945? The journalist insists: “Should we bomb civilians, gas them as the Syrian army does?”

M. Aphatie forms the questions quite badly. And at the same time, disinforms us on everything. For he listens only to his left ear.

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The one that does not hear the shells falling by tens, every day, on government-controlled West Aleppo, the bottles of gas and chlorine that kill children, women, and men living under government protection. Mr. Aphatie and his colleagues Guy Birenbaum and Gilles Bornstein and his sister Fabienne Sintès, real judges of the media court, forget to tell the true story of Aleppo to concentrate on shooting at Putin. The achievements, for example, which yesterday allowed the Maronites to put a modest crèche in the middle of St. Elie’s Cathedral, the cathedral which was destroyed with rage, and explosive in 2015, and liberated this week.

Like Pujadas, Birch, Salamé and the majority of our journalists, Aphathie disinforms at length. Insidious disinformation by omission from reality. They do not lie: they silently tell only the version desired by our governments, by pro-rebel NGOs, and the white helmets that only have their white color because their flag is sinisterly black.

Have you heard our informants tell you about the two Russian doctors killed by a moderate rocket?

Have you heard testimony from the tens of thousands of civilians relieved to finally be free after fleeing from East Aleppo where for four years they have been held hostage or rather carefully guarded as a human shields?

Silence on our radio, this Saturday, when the Russian command announces that 93% of Aleppo is now “liberated” and that the Russian soldiers have de-mined eight hectares, including two schools and two mosques, mined by the jihadists. Moreover, a thousand of them, after surrendering, were immediately given amnesty. In any case, if one believes the government sources, but why give all credence to their opponents?

Our fallen President may also continue to denounce Russian violence from our aircraft carrier. But he is as pitiful as our journalist because the French see that on Syria too, the policy of France, piloted since 2012 by Monsieurs Holland and Fabius, is a shipwreck. And that there is a country that has been able to reverse the course of things there: Russia.

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