Donbass and Crimea: The world isn’t blind anymore


December 13, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

Ronald ZONCA in Boulevard Voltaire, translated by Tom Winter –

The newspaper has taken note of the massacre of civilians that has been going on for three years.

The newspaper Le Monde is echoing the report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights [PDF]. This report covers the period from August 16 to November 15, 2016. 

At the same time, Carter Page, Trump’s foreign affairs advisor, said:

“The recent history of Ukraine in general and Crimea in particular over the past several years may be among the most egregious examples of ‘fake news’ in recent memory,” 

“The level of misinformation which has guided related decisions by outside actors and their impact on this country is tragic. I am confident that there will be new possibilities to resolve these misperceptions and the wrong direction it has created for Ukraine.”*

The newspaper has become aware of the massacre of civilians that has been going on for three years, but their use of this document remains biased. One does not hesitate to transform an absence of information on the situation in the Donbass for the worse. Further, not a word about the massacre in Odessa, where about fifty people were burned alive by extreme right-wing extremists. However, the report highlights the scant intent of the government to search out guilty parties.

The usual couplet on Crimea is interesting because it highlights the suppression of one of the organizations representative of the Tatars [Hizb-ut-Tahir –tr]. It was, actually, declared an extremist organization. It would have been opportune to say that the declaration was a consequence of these extremist Tartars destroying the electric pylons that, in mid-winter, cut off electricity for 2 million people. And it would have been opportune for them to also say that they have set up a racket at the Russian-Crimean border. 

Since the Crimea is Russian, Tatar is an official language, and this language is taught in the schools, whose numbers increase every year aligned with popular needs.

The Office of the High Commissioner appears to be paying great attention to the plight of terrorists whose attacks have been frustrated because they have been in preventive detention for two months. Well, what ever to do: release them and give them back their death-dealing gear?

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It recommends that the Tatars be allowed to choose their indigenous institutions. Now Russia manages virtually as many ethnic groups as the United Nations manages, and has for three centuries. She can easily do without the lessons of the “machine.” In Russia, the Tatar ethnic group represents 3.8% of the population, the Russian ethnic group 79.8%. Why not speak of a democratic majority? In the Crimea, the Tatars represent 15% of the population and most of them do not regret having become Russian, like their cousins in Tatarstan.

The newspaper Le Monde has just regained sight: this is a first step to becoming an actual information medium. The second step would be to get rid of the nervous tics that lead it to anoint the anti-Russian propaganda submitted from Washington to the news agencies.


*Carter Page

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