In response to Clinton defeat, Obama is planning new sanctions against Russia.

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December 29, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

– Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, Translated by Tom Winter –

Obama has instructed the CIA to review the CIA’s allegations.

In response to Clinton defeat Obama is planning new sanctions against Russia.

German Economic News 29.12.16: US President Obama wants to impose new sanctions against Russia as one of his last official acts. The reason: the Russians are deemed responsible for the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

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According to reports, the outgoing US President Barack Obama is on the verge of imposing punitive measures against Moscow on charges of Russian hacker attacks. The government may announce a series of steps as early as Thursday, CNN reported on Wednesday, citing anonymous persons familiar with the matter. This could include extended sanctions and diplomatic measures. Prior to this, the Washington Post had already reported such plans.

The US government has accused Russia of being behind a series of attacks on the Democratic Party’s computer systems and thus interfering in the presidential election. There is no publicly verifiable evidence for this claim.

The international public can only rely on the alleged CIA findings. The intelligence service claimed that Russia had deliberately interfered with the election through the cyberattacks to help Donald Trump win.

Obama has instructed the CIA to review the CIA allegations. The result should be available before the inauguration of Donald Trump. Obviously Obama wants to impose the new sanctions already before the CIA report.

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