NATO’s Russia panic spreads to the principalities of Europe! [satire]


December 18, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

Allgemeine Morgenpost Runschau, by Tom Winter, translated by the author – 

Heraldry of Monaco, left,  and Liechtenstein
“Will Putin annex the European Principalities?”

From our North American correspondent Tom Winter 

[Note: recent European news seemed so stupid to me that the nonsense of it needed some underlining. It had to be done. AMR is the German equivalent of The Onion]

NATO panic is spreading to the principalities!

The Ministry of Defense in Liechtenstein — and also in Monaco, San Marino, Andorra, and the Vatican — are preparing the country’s reservists for a military crisis. 

On May 1 the Ministry of Defense in Vaduz sent a letter to all 9 Liechtenstein reservists. 

At the beginning of July, Monaco wrote a letter to their 4 reservists. The letter informs the men of their duties in the event of a war. The reservists are also instructed to update their personal data, says US news magazine Newsweek.

Monaco’s Navy shoots alleged submarine

At the end of April a supposed submarine was sighted in Monaco’s territorial waters. As a result, depth charges were fired by the Monegasque navy. As Newsweek reported, the defense minister said that it could have been a submarine. 

It was also said that Monaco would rarely use such depth charges. As there is a 13000-kilometer-long water border between Russia and Monaco, Russia is suspected of having submarined into the Monegasque territorial waters. 

Last year a Russian submarine was already reported off Monaco. The Kremlin denies the allegations. It was also impossible to prove that a Russian submarine was located in the territorial waters of Monaco. Also the underwater object off Monaco could not be identified.

“The letters have no connection to the security situation around Liechtenstein.”

The Ministry of Defense in Vaduz denied the suspicion that the letter to the reservists could be related to a possible threat from Russia, reports Spiegel-Online. A Liechtenstein ministry spokesman said: “The letters have no connection to the security situation around Liechtenstein.” 

At the end of last year, the Liechtenstein Air Force announced its intention to increase its presence in the north and east of the country as Russian aircraft had repeatedly penetrated the Liechtensteinian airspace. 

Monaco, Andorra, San Marino, the Vatican and Liechtenstein are also debating applying for possible NATO membership. Russia is opposed to these countries getting into NATO.

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