Putin’s Adviser: Russia Is Preparing for Internet Shutdown

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December 29, 2016 – Fort Russ News

VestiFinance.ru – Translated by Kristina Kharlova

Russia should be prepared in the event of being disconnected from the global Internet, said adviser to Vladimir Putin on Internet matters German Klimenko in an interview with RT.

“Russia must be prepared to be disconnected from the global Internet”, — says German Klimenko. Therefore, according to him, critical infrastructure, including a copy of the domain zone should be located on the territory of Russia.

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In this regard, says Klimenko, the main task is now to prepare the Russian segment of the Internet in order to protect it from such scenario. It is important that email, phone, social networks continue to operate in Russia.

Presidential adviser believes that because of the high probability of “tectonic shifts in the direction of deterioration” in relations with the West, Runet must be protected. Klimenko noted that the law will not regulate activities of ordinary Internet users, referring to the draft law of the Ministry of Communications on Runet [Russian internet segment – FR] regulation. Klimenko explains: the document focuses on protection of critical infrastructure, which must be located on the territory of Russia.

“For example, hackers can enter the networks of commercial banks and steal money. It’s bad, but if they get into the system of the Central Bank, it will be worse,” – he explains.

Klimenko also said that, for example, Western ‘partners’ have already shut off Crimea from Google and Microsoft, and domain owners residing in Crimea, lost what they had worked for. In addition, German Klimenko said that in 2017 Russian citizens will receive electronic passports and they will be able to get prescriptions and buy medicines via the Internet.

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