Reply of Russian Foreign Ministry to columnist who justified Karlov assassination

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December 22, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

Facebook page of Maria Zakarova, translated by Tom Winter 

The American journalist and writer Hersh Kuntzman has written in the pages of the New York Daily News that he “shed no tears” for the Russian ambassador. This “civilized journalist” has called the murder of Andrei Karlov “justice done.” 

He also wrote that the events in Ankara reminded him of the murder of German diplomat Ernst von Rath in Paris in 1938: shot by a Jewish student. The diplomat of course, “was not an innocent victim.” In the eyes of many, he was the epitome of “Hitler’s atrocities, genocide and anti-Semitism and the impending world aggression.”

As for the comparison of Andrei Karlov with the ambassador of the Third Reich, I will say one thing: today we are sending a letter demanding an apology to the chief editor who published this xenophobic story that justifies the act of the terrorist.

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But I have a question, and it’s to the biological object who wrote it.

Gersh Kuntzman, do you seriously compare the motivation of the Jewish student Herschel Grynszpan with the ideas that motivated Mevlut Altyntashem? !! Do you realize that that you have equated the struggle of the Jews against the anti-Semitism of the 30s with the terrorist methods of the Islamic State and Al Nusra, who have claimed responsibility for the attack? 

For you is it the same thing? But would you apply such thinking to terrorist attacks in Israel committed by suicide bombers?

Are you in your right mind, Gersh Kuntzman? I understand that in the United States — not without your efforts — as people have stopped orienting themselves in time and place, that the revision of 20th century history has gone up to the summits of absurdity, but so far as this?

And further, I urge anti-fascist organizations around the world to evaluate this publication! 

Later may be too late!

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