Sweet dreams for America while its deep state builds nightmares

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December 12, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

 – Op-ed by Tom Winter –

Dr. Frankenstein and monster, backstage break

I often take a nap. Sometimes it takes a while to come back around; sometimes awakening happens like a light switch. America is napping, lulled to sleep by a lullaby, the sameness of everyday everywhere war.

But a voice re-echoes from early on in Viet Nam:
“Advisors hell! We’re fighting a war!”

Summer, 2014, we send 200 military advisers to Ukraine. America yawns.

We send 200 advisors to Iraq and America sleeps.

Our leaders admit we’ve had military advisors in Somalia since 2007. America rolls over and yawns.

A soldier makes known some of our trigger-happy war crimes. We jail him, roll over, and snore.

We “strategize on a plan” to make the return of the Honduran elected president moot, and America sleeps.

We “broker a deal to transition power in Ukraine;” the elected president is gone and America sleeps.

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CIA opens an office in Kiev and America sleeps.

We send advisors to Yemen and America sleeps.

Tuesday afternoons the president signs off on our drone hit list. and the drones kill in countries we’re not at war with. America sleeps.

Our CIA sends opponents to places to be tortured, calls it extraordinary rendition and we roll over and snore.

Our Arms Export Limitation act is to ignore and work around. America sleeps.
Now our President waives it to openly arm his favorite jihadis. America sleeps.

In mythology, Endymion sleeps forever. Will the United States of America?

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