The New York Times is now officially a Puppet Without Strings

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December 21st, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

– Op-Ed – By Umberto Pascali

The assassination of Ambassador Karlov in Ankara and the self-incriminating WWI wet dreams of the New York Times 

Shockingly, one of the first things the NYT stressed in its coverage of the terrorist assassination of ambassador Andrei Karlov was that “ the social media” compared this monstrous and clearly inspired contract murder to the assassination of Sarajevo in 1914 of the heir to the Austrian throne and his pregnant wife that triggered WWI. The NYT, the voice of the most unhinged liberal imperialists, is in the middle of a campaign against what they call the “fake news” spread by the “social media” on the internet. That is, the news most people read in order to escape the grotesque falsehoods spread by the NYT, the Washington Post, the CNN, and the other official media.

Despite this anti social media frenzy, the Times cannot find anything more appropriate than to start its learned evaluation warning about the “larger consequences” of the Karlov assassination. And which authority does the Times quote to analyze these “larger consequences”? Simple: the social media. “On the Social media, many drew parallels to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, which helped set off World War I…”

After having made its point that the murder of Ambassador Karlov like murder of Franz Ferdinand; and thus: the beginning of WWI, with the Sarajevo attempt, is comparable to a possible trigger for WWIII. The Times is forced to write that this is “a comparison that analysts, thankfully, reject.” But the journalistic trick had been already performed, the stone had been thrown and the hand has been hidden. The attention of the reader is concentrated on that parallel: this is the beginning of a world war!

Luckily, the New York Times has lost whatever credibility it had left. The events in the real world are not going in the direction of a war triggered by a terrorist act that most likely was commissioned exactly to reach that monstrous purpose.

A scenario that is very similar to the shooting down of the Russian Su-24 by Turkey and the assassination of the pilot on Nov 24th, 2015. Also that criminal set up was aimed at provoking an irremediable confrontation between Turkey and Russia and then between NATO and Russia. But it did not work. And it’s working even less now. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated immediately after the murder of Ambassador Karlov: “We are confident that the main aim of those who plotted this barbaric thing was to undermine the process of normalization of relations between Russia and Turkey in order to prevent effective fight against terrorism in Syria.”

In vain, the Times asks in the same article: “Could this lead to a conflict between Turkey and Russia?” The answer is: no! 

Instead, what is happening in the real world is that the liberal imperialists and the associated Neocons have lost their war to provoke a war! What could have looked as diabolically clever a few years ago, is now self-incriminating! Everybody can read between the lines. The scenario of a world war unleashed by the Ankara murder, is now an analysis, is a wet dream scenario of those who used to decide the affairs of the world. It is now time to look through that chain of command that has controlled the weapon of terrorism. 

Now is the moment, when the attempt to bring Hillary Clinton into the White House, the deranged instrument of the liberal imperialists and of the war party, has failed miserably.
December 19th marks the end of the illusions to glue back together the pieces of the broken Clintonian Humpty Dumpty. She is out; the Neocons are for the moment out. And on that very Dec 19th we saw the last ferocious attempts of the Neocon beast. We saw it in Ankara and we saw it with the massacre in Berlin. 

These are painful tests. But the instigators of these acts, the instigators of terrorism are now puppets without strings.

And what used to be the brainwashing ability of the New York Times is now becoming self-incriminating evidence. In 1914, powerful financial institutions in London and New York were dreaming of a cataclysmic war confrontation that would pit country against country in a gigantic divide and conquer move. They were dreaming of a fire that would have destroyed the ability of countries to be independent and sovereign. The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo triggered (not caused) exactly that process. And those financial institutions acquired an unchallengeable power to dominate the finance and the politics of whole countries.

They acquired the ability to make those countries pay with the periodical destruction of their economies and, when needed, with the life of their citizens for the insane need of financial looting. 

But now there will not be another WWI to save these powerful cutthroats who are ready to do anything to conserve their power. No, the last well-organized terrorist crimes on this December 2016 will not trigger a world war like the Sarajevo 1914. No, Europe and the world will not be forced into an unprecedented carnage with the death of millions, the destruction of economies simply to give back to powerful financial institutions their power to loot.

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