Wagenknecht: German and US policy has strengthened ISIS


December 26 – Fort Russ News –

FAZ (Franfürter Allgemeine Zeitung), translated by Tom Winter –

“Sahra Wagenknecht sharply criticises the Security apparat in the Bundestag”

„Deutsche Politik stärkt Terrorbanden““German politics strengthens terrorgroups” The attack in Berlin continues to extend the debate on security. Linkspartei Fraction leader Sahra Wagenknecht calls German policy partly responsible. 

The Left front-runner Sahra Wagenknecht accuses the federal government of being responsible for the strengthening of terrorist groups. “We need to talk about why there is such an accumulation of Islamic terrorist attacks in Germany, Europe, the Middle East,” said the Left Fraction leader to the German Press Agency in Berlin.

The question arises: “What is the co-responsibility of Western, especially American, but also German foreign policy for the strengthening of the Islamic State (IS) and other terrorist groups?” 

For 15 years, a so-called “war on terror” has been going on, first in Afghanistan, then in Iraq, Libya and Syria. “And the record of all these wars is that Islamic terrorism has not been weakened, but has been massively strengthened.” 

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Because of the Bundeswehr’s participation, Germany has now become the target itself. “We have to change this policy,” demanded the politician.

“We need to provide civilian support,” she said. “But all missions, in which the Bundeswehr is responsible for the death of humans, must be stopped immediately.”

It is a terrible situation if Syria’s hospitals and schools are bombed by the Russians or President Bashar al-Assad. “But the same goes for the attacks of the US-led coalition, and innumerable civilians are killed, for example in Rakka or currently in Mosul.” 

The same applies to the American drone attacks. These attacks fuel hatred and have confirmed the idea that for the West, human life in the Islamic world is not worth anything. “It is deeply dishonest to condemn Russia and do the same.

Germany should not be subject to “US hegemony.” With the election victory of Donald Trump, a detachment “from the wake of US politics” became more urgent. 

The United States has turned NATO into an intervention alliance. NATO needs to be replaced by a collective security system that includes Russia. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) essentially has always been following the will of Washington.

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