2017 “Year of the environment” in Russia


January 30, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Ostexperte.de, translated by Tom Winter – 

Electromobility in Russia is to be further expanded

The year 2017 was declared a “Year of the Environment” by the Government of Russia. In addition to some improvements in waste disposal and the establishment of new national parks, traffic is to be made more environmentally friendly.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that solving environmental problems should not be postponed due to low budget. A total of around € 3.5 billion has been earmarked for the realization of environmental projects. These include, for example, the founding of eleven new nature reserves and the introduction of waste separation on the German model. An environmental education is also to be initiated.

Import duties and taxes on electric vehicles

Last year, the Eurasian Economic Commission abolished import duties on electric cars. Further, there is no car tax when driving with electric cars. In large cities parking fees are waived for the drivers of “electrics.”

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The use of bus lanes is discussed in Moscow. Even a mandatory provision for an appropriate infrastructure, i.e. charging stations at each petrol station in the country was proposed.

Putin wants to promote e-mobility

Nevertheless, just 722 electric vehicles are registered in all of Russia (as of July 2016). According to the news agency TASS, this is going to change. President Vladimir Putin has called on regional administrations to help expand e-mobility.

According to the Russian Government’s list of measures entitled “On the environmental development of the Russian Federation in the interests of future generations:”

“The regional administrative bodies of the Russian Federation are to take the necessary measures to support the environmentally friendly transport to reduce the air pollution caused by motor vehicles”

Environmentally friendly transport

These measures should include the establishment of a necessary infrastructure. Furthermore, environmentally friendly transport is to be granted advantages in transport and in the provision of parking spaces throughout the country. Help is also given to intelligent systems for the management and management of traffic.

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