Can American Patriot Donald Trump Save the World From Transnational Oligarchy?

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January 4th, 2016 – Fort Russ News

Andre Vajra, – Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova

The Last Days Of Global Order?

“…At the moment such concepts as “national interests of the United States” or “U.S. foreign policy” are meaningless, as indeed there are only “interests” and “policies” of transnational oligarchy using the muscle of the United States for its narrow corporate goals.”

“Figuratively speaking, at this point, the United States is a kind of icebreaker without breaks, speeding at maximum speed, aimed at breaking the existing world order. And then it will be sunk, as the only way to stop the US. This is why the brunt of the war against the non-Western world lies on the United States.”

I wrote this in the late 90-ies of the last century. If we proceed from what is happening with the United States today, the process of sinking this country has already begun. Look at the disastrous condition of the economy and finances of America. The real production of the country has been shipped out, and the financial system is a giant bubble (of loans, securities, and unsecured dollars) ready to burst at any moment. The material and social situation of the masses of this country is getting worse with each new president. Authority turned into a corrupt monolith, which lies at the basis of global domination by transnational oligarchy. Infrastructure is rotting. The armed forces are regressing. Crime is off the charts. And most importantly, over the last ten years, the split in the American ruling elite is growing.

Today in the United States several powerful oligarchic clans clashed in a fierce battle for control of Washington for the future of the country and the world. Trump and Clinton – are just visible vertices of the clashing “icebergs”. They publicly personify the opposing forces, remaining in the shadows behind media images, news releases and political battles.

In fact, at this point Trump is trying to hijack control of the US from transnational oligarchic clans, whose interests are represented by Clinton.Trump is a tank, ramming ahead through the dense ranks of the American ruling elite regardless of party affiliation. That’s why Trump first broke the defense of the Republicans, becoming the presidential candidate of the Republican party, and then in the elections broke the defense of the Democrats, becoming President. His goal is to save the United States, expanded in the interests of transnational oligarchy. Trump wants to stop the sinking of his country.

Trump is not alone. He has a company of very influential people within America and abroad. Additionally, he enjoys full support of the part of American patriotic establishment (officials, the military, agents of security services), who dream of rescuing America from the control of transnational oligarchy.

So, in fact, what is happening now in America, is a revolution. Not just American, but global. If Trump will be able to take control of the United States, transnational oligarchy will lose the most important tool of its power and influence in the world. If this happens, the current global order will collapse.

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