Cardinal Zenari: 2017 could be Syria’s turn-around year

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January 3, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

– Zenit: il mondo visto da Roma, translated by Tom Winter

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“Il 2017 può essere l’anno della svolta”

The Apostolic Nuncio reports while there is a lack of water and electricity in much of Damascus, yet in Aleppo there was finally a Christmas in a “certain climate of serenity.”

It is important to remain “very cautious” but this time there is real hope that the latest ceasefire in Syria could mark a “turning point.” Cardinal Mario Zenari, Apostolic Nuncio in Damascus, said this to the microphones of Vatican Radio, about the Syrian scene in the days following of yet another cease-fire.

Incidents like the attack on New Year’s Eve in Istanbul suggest caution. However, in Syria “people have ‘drawn a sigh of relief,” manifested also in Aleppo, where at last after years, the population is spending the holiday season in a “certain climate of peace,” the cardinal said.

“Conflict” and “bombing,” however, are not over yet, as for a week, much of Damascus is “without running water, because – how you say – reservoirs have been damaged; and much of the city still lacks electricity.”

So there are all the conditions for “2017 truly marking a turning point,” as the Apostolic Nuncio also looks to the decisions of the UN Security Council, which, with regard to Syria has revealed internal “divisions.” 

For the violence to end, it will be important, however, to “heal the deep wounds” in the population, especially “in the soul and the spirit.”

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