Does Trump need Russia to contain China?

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January 2, 2017 – Fort Russ News

Pavel Shipilin, Live Journal – Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova

Trump doesn’t believe Obama

Donald Trump intends to share what he knows about cyber attacks. “You’ll know more on Tuesday or Wednesday,” — promised the President-Elect. And said that he is skeptic about US intelligence accusations against Russia.

For now it looks like after inauguration Donald Trump will thoroughly adjust course on foreign policy and perhaps even try to lift some sanctions against Russia. However, Congress intends to strongly oppose these plans.

“We in Congress do not think that the taken measures are sufficient to contain Russia, and in the future you will see strong support from both parties, aimed at strengthening of sanctions”, — said yesterday in an interview with ABC, the house of representatives member Adam Schiff. He said that if the President-Elect wants to repeal the sanctions imposed by the current administration, he will face a “strong opposition” from Congress.

But it is important to understand that the recent restrictive measures have been adopted under executive orders of Barack Obama, so the next President can undo them in exactly the same way and without the consent of Congress. As was confirmed by the current administration at a recent briefing. So we will have to see how it plays out.

But in my opinion, the American and Russian leaders have more important things to worry about. For Donald Trump, as you know, the main issue is China. For us — Europe, Syria and Ukraine. Both have something to offer each other, both have slightly inflated expectations about the readiness of the counterpart to make concessions. The intrigue is: what will Trump concede on — and what will Putin. But they have to give, otherwise there is no compromise. Each party should get something.

Relations with the United States today are at such a low level that it will take a year to raise them to the status of at least three years ago. The fun part will begin when Washington will ask Moscow to help in containing Beijing.

But peace for two will not suit us — with China we have not just a common border but also common plans. Probably, Vladimir Putin will persuade Donald Trump to hide the sword and together work on creating the G3, which would take over all responsibility for international security. This global design looks more stable.

How the planet will be divided among the players is difficult to say. It is obvious that the US has lost interest in Ukraine. But the question is if they will back off in Europe and the Middle East, and South East Asia. Apparently, we can see a separation of functions, and agreement on non-interference in each other’s affairs in these regions: the Americans will not chain the EU to themselves with TTIP, and the Asian South-East with TTP. This is the goal.

If USA will focus on solving domestic problems, as promised by Trump during the election campaign, the world will be liberated from the globalist dictatorship and will sigh with relief. Everyone misses the good old days of healthy protectionism, when the interests of native powers do not fall victim to transnational corporations, the Atlantic unity, or any other ideology.

The new US President — a bright representative of the national elite, which, in contrast to the supranational, could be considered patriotic. The main question is, if he will be able to handle the pressure of the corporatocracy. 

Don’t you think this is much more interesting than to wonder whether Trump will lift the sanctions and return expelled Russian diplomats to the US?

P.S. Henry Kissinger, who is now advising Trump, famously said, Washington should be closer to Moscow and Beijing, than Moscow to Beijing

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