Huge influx of US military gear for Poland will pass through Brandenburg and the President of Brandenburg is not happy


January 9, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

–, translated from German by Tom Winter –

Dietmar Woidke, President-minister of the Federal State of Brandenburg

“Tanks do not create peace – anywhere”

An armored brigade of the US forces will be relocated to Poland and will soon be rolling through Brandenburg. Minister President Dietmar Woidke (SPD) is critical and calls for dialogue with Russia. The Brandenburg CDU party is visibly irritated.

Minister-President Dietmar Woidke (SPD) has expressed concern about the US tanks soon to be transported through Brandenburg to their new stations in western Poland. 

The federal state Brandenburg, circled in red, includes Berlin, and is on the Polish border.  The US tanks and fighting vehicles and troops will have to go through it en route to Poland.

“It does not help us if tanks are going up and down both sides of the border,” said Woidke at the New Year’s reception of the Cottbus Crafts Chamber. “I believe that despite all the difficulties, we should seek dialogue with Russia.” Woidke warned of a worsening of relations with Russia. “I hope that everybody can stay calm.”

Left announces protests

In the next few days the transport of tanks and military equipment will arrive in Poland. The US is thus supporting its NATO partners in Eastern Europe, who are in dread of Russian military action.

The Left Party was also critical of the military operation. “Tanks do not create peace – anywhere,” said a statement by the Christian party leader, Christian Görke. A shift of troops to such an extent is part of ever-increasing arms build-up and provocations. Görke announced his party will mount peaceful protests.

CDU calls Woidke’s behavior “strange”

The CDU in Brandenburg was irritated by Woidke’s comments. “The support of the US and other NATO partners as well as Germany takes place within the framework of the contractual arrangements of NATO and at the explicit request of Poland,” stressed faction leader Ingo Senftleben.

Poland thus “directly responded to Russia’s illegal annexation of the Crimea.” He therefore finds it “strange that the Poland-commissioner of the Federal Government considers talks with Russian businessmen to be more important than the security needs of our neighbors,” said Senftleben.

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