Korovin: Only Russia, Iran, and Turkey can save Syria and the Middle East

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January 23, 2017 – Fort Russ – 

Valery Korovin, OPRF.ru – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

Valery Korovin, a member of Russia’s Civic Chamber and the high-profile intellectual Izborsky Club, comments on the ongoing Syria negotiations in Astana, Kazakhstan: 

If the future of Syria can be decided anywhere, then only in Astana, because this space is maximally removed from American influence, from the outgoing Obama-Clinton administration, and from attempts at using terrorists to overthrow the Assad regime. In some sense, Astana is an absolutely sterile environment for really stopping the bloodshed and determining the future of Syria without American interference.

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The Syrian problem couldn’t be resolved by Russia and the US under Obama working in tandem. In principle, there can be no Russia and US working together in tandem. This is excluded by the ontology of being. Russia and the US can cooperate. They can not fight each other, for example. They can talk and conclude mutually beneficial agreements, but they cannot act and move in the same direction, because they are two civilizational centers moving in fundamentally opposite directions. Both of them call themselves “good” and the enemy “evil”, but these are mutually exclusive strategic, civilizational, geopolitical, and metaphysical trajectories. Therefore, while there can be interaction, there can be no work in tandem.

In regards to Turkey and Iran, these are components that are undoubtedly complementary to Russia’s actions which alone are capable of regulating all the chaos created by the Americans in the Middle East. In the case of Iran, this is indisputable from the point of view of morality, the morally theological state, and authority in the world of traditional Islam. Turkey is a country which has mastered the Western tools of existence but simultaneously preserves its Islamic, traditional roots. By adopting a pro-Russian orientation, Turkey becomes an important component in not only settling [conflict in the Middle East], but in the development and prosperity of the entire Middle Eastern region. 

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Only the triple alliance of Russia, Iran, and Turkey is capable of stopping the spread of terrorism. Therefore, peace in Syria can only be established through the negotiations in Astana. 

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