Lavrov slams “triple standards,” names those who REALLY interfered in the US elections

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January 18, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

RT, translated by J. Arnoldski – 

During the US election campaigns, a whole number of leaders of countries allied with Washington openly campaigned for Hillary Clinton, Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, says. Lavrov also remarked that all the accusations hurled at Moscow of “interfering” in the American electoral process are unfunded and slanderous.

The minister emphasized that even the White House didn’t hesitate to demonize and criticize Donald Trump. “Frankly speaking, we are already starting to get tired of discussing the topic of Russian interference in the domestic affairs of the United States, especially in regards to the election campaign which ended in the election of President Trump,” Lavrov stated at a press conference following a meeting with Austrian Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurtz. 

The Russian foreign minister called the accusations that “continue to surface” against Moscow “unfounded, unsubstantiated, and slanderous.” 

“The cynicism of the situation is that we are being blamed by those who most actively interfered in the election campaign,” the diplomat stated. Lavrov added that, unlike Russia, a whole number of world leaders openly campaigned for Hillary Clinton. “Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, Theresa May, and other European leaders were noted as actively doing this,” the minister continued, emphasizing that many did not hesitate to demonize the Republican candidate.

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In addition, Lavrov recalled how a few days ago, when Trump expressed his opinion on Germany’s immigration policy, that US Secretary John Kerry called this “unethical interference” in Germany’s internal affairs.

“This is being said by people who try to ‘teach’ other countries, including Europe, not only in words. Obama, for example, personally campaigned against Brexit. They also interfere in others’ affairs in much more concerning ways, such as with military force with the aim of regime change,” the Russian foreign minister stressed.

“These are not double standards, but triple standards. We believe that those making such accusations against us by trying to shift the blame onto others should be ashamed,” Lavrov stated.

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At the press conference, Lavrov noted that Moscow is not interfering in the “ongoing disputes within the United States between the outgoing administration and Trump’s team” as a matter of principle. “But attacks by Barack Obama’s team’s representatives on the president-elect look hypocritical,” Lavrov summarized. 

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