Libya Asks Russia to Help in Reconciliation

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January 4th – Fort Russ News

Sergey Guryanov, – Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova 

Libya announced it is ready to accept any Russian initiative to resolve the conflict

Libya is ready to accept any Russian initiative to establish political dialogue in the country, since Moscow has contacts with each of the parties of the conflict, and has a balanced position on the situation, said Deputy Prime Minister of the national unity government Akhmed Maetig.

“The presidential council welcomes any Russian initiative for national reconciliation in Libya, as Russia has a balanced position and good relations with all parties“, – reports RIA Novosti.

He urged Moscow “to conduct its diplomacy” by persuading other parties to the conflict to accept a political agreement and to participate in the settlement process.

He also noted that the commander of the army Khalifa Haftar, who has not yet accepted the new government of Libya, must also be included in political dialogue.

“This is not some whim, this is a standard model in all countries – the military command must always submit to the authority of political leadership,” – said Maetig.

Western media claimed that Moscow intends to take the side of Haftar in the Libyan conflict, however, Russia also maintains relations with the national unity government.

VZGLYAD news has also analyzed the political situation in Libya in a previous report (in Russian).

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