Marwa Osman to RT: US actions in Yemen are strictly illegal (VIDEO)

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January 31, 2017 – Fort Russ –

Marwa Osman, RT

Just yesterday, the news broke that a US commando was killed in Yemen on January 29th during an “anti-terrorist operation” in Al-Qaeda-controlled territory. While the US’ involvement in Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen has been well-known for a year, this is the first instance in which the presence of US troops on the ground has been confirmed, RT reports.

Political commentator and journalist Marwa Osman suggests that “this is a huge development, but not the first time.”

Commenting on the operation itself, Marwa explained: “According to the reports given out by the US, it is said that they killed 3 leaders sand 14 Al-Qaeda members, but again we have reports coming from the ground that at least 30 civilians were killed.”

After citing different reports, Osman called the operation into question, saying that “yes, it is good to fight Al-Qaeda, but how and when?” The number of casualties, the carrying out of the operation itself, and the location, according to Osman, all suggest that the operation’s integrity should be put into question.

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But the biggest question of all, in Osman’s words: “How come the US is involved in this actual ground assault in Yemen without even acceptance or clearance from Congress itself?”

When asked just how “legitimate” the actions of the US are on Yemeni soil, Osman stated clearly: “Even if it is against Al-Qaeda, it is illegal. It can be said that it is a ground incursion against the sovereignty of an independent nation that has been afflicted by war for the past two years”, a war which the US has fueled against Yemen by arming and supplying the Saudis.

“This is not a civil war,” Osman clarified, “and the Houthis are not rebels.” The Saudis have bombed and blockaded Yemen with US support for two years.

In conclusion, Osman said: “Now we have actual US boots on the ground. This is a very serious development. This development should be held responsible by Congressmen. They should hold their government responsible. And the people of the US should know that their tax money are going to kill other nations, especially nations like Yemen.”

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