Obama and his closing days, as seen from France: “Obama, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, has just 17 days left to start the war”

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January 5, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Roland HUREAUX, in Boulevard Voltaire, translated by Tom Winter

There is such bitterness among those who, on January 20, will no longer be anything, that some are no doubt ready for anything. 

Obama: Some in derision call his prize the Nobel War Prize. This is exaggerated: he certainly pressed the button without which the wars of Libya and Syria – and perhaps Yemen – would not have taken place. But he refused to yield to pressure from part of his government and his allies (France from Holland, and Fabius in the front line) who wanted to bomb Syria without a United Nations mandate in August 2013 as a result of Chemical attack on the Ghouta (suburb of Damascus). If he had pressed the button, the Russians would have retaliated, and it is not known how far the escalation would have gone. It may be assumed that he knew before everyone else that these attacks were a provocation intended to challenge Assad and not the work of Assad itself … Similarly, the treaty with Iran of July 2015 is to be put to his credit, as well as the resumption of relations with Cuba.

On the other hand, the end of his mandate is less inspired: the decision to expel 35 Russian diplomats (a heavy decision between the “big two”), allegedly in retaliation for Russian numerical interference in the American presidential campaign, can be judged perfectly incredible [rocambolesque].

First, because the evidence presented is slim. The main grievance – having circulated e-mails from Hillary Clinton – remains unclear and, even supposing it happened, these e-mails would not have prejudiced her interests if she had been clear!

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And supposing that all this was true, it is not customary for the war in the shadows, which has always been engaged between great powers, to be brought to light. In this game, the one who loses does not say it. Especially since the Americans have no moral lessons to give to anyone. To this main complaint are added some rather confused ones: harassment of the American diplomats stationed in Moscow, attempt to disrupt the system of electrical regulation of the State of Vermont, a victim, they were saying, of a virus of Russian origin.

No, really, Obama is ridiculing himself. Not only does it give the sense of being the bad loser (on the side of the Obama-Clinton clan) but, worse, the President, in doing so, puts peace at risk: the remaining three weeks of his mandate would suffice to trigger further escalation insofar as he has major administrations behind him: the State Department, the Pentagon, and the CIA — all held by hawks who only want to do battle with Russia.

To the disappointment of the election of Trump that these people were decrying, which heralds a different line, was added the disappointment over the victory, in Aleppo, of the Syrian army supported by the Russians, over the jihadists supported by NATO. So there may well be the real reason for this aggressive end of mandate: the immense disappointment of these forces that Hillary Clinton embodied that the French ambassador in Washington, quite undiplomatically, called the “end of a World.”***

The end, not of the American power but of the neoconservative ideology in which the Americans felt they have the right to intervene everywhere on the planet to make reign the good, causing the damage that we know. 

There is such bitterness among those who, on the 20th of January, when Trump takes office, will no longer be anything, that some of them are no doubt ready for anything.

By not responding to this last minute provocation, Putin was wiser.

The November 9 tweet of Gérard Araut, the French ambassador to the US, was Après [le] Brexit et cette élection, tout est désormais possible. Un monde s’effondre devant nos yeux. Un vertige.”
“After Brexit and this election, anything is possible now. A world is collapsing before our eyes. A dizziness.”

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