Peskov on US hacking hysteria: “Russia is seriously tired of amateur American witch hunts”


January 9, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

RIA Novosti – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

The Kremlin categorically rules out that official Russian persons and agencies were involved in the hacking attacks which Washington blames on Moscow.

Earlier, American intelligence services published a report on alleged “Russian interference” in the US presidential elections. The document asserts that Russia attempted to secure Donald Trump’s election, but provides no evidence whatsoever for these claims. 

A “witch hunt”

The Russian president’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, has stated that the report prepared by the CIA, NSA, and FBI contains unsubstantiated accusations of an “amateur level.” Peskov remarked that such “witch hunts” have happened more than once in American history.

“We know that they will later be replaced by more sober experts, more sober approaches, but we are still focused on dialogue and not such emotional seizures,” Peskov added. However, Peskov stressed that Moscow is already “seriously tired” of these accusations.

According to the head of state’s press secretary, the published part of the report has caused nothing but frustration. “To put this amount of emotion into such meager material is, of course, puzzling,” he concluded.

Too early to judge Trump’s position

Peskov also suggested that it is too early to judge Trump’s position on the report. “This cannot be known for certain, because so far we do not know Mr. Trump’s reaction. The president-elect has not yet issued any definitive comments on this matter,” he recalled. 

Trump earlier called the accusations against Russia “far-fetched” and stated that his political opponents, the Democrats, are trying to put the election results into question with these accusations and therein avoid taking responsibility for their own loss. 

Republicans call on Trump to act against Russia

At the same time, however, the chairman of the National Committee of the Republican Party, Reince Priebus, who has been nominated by Trump to the post of White House Chief of Staff, has stated that the US president-elect agrees with the conclusions of the report by intelligence services on the actions of “Russian hackers” and might “take action” against Russia.

Despite the fact that Trump has not yet reacted to the report, many American politicians have already urged him to continue the pressure on Russia. Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, has stated that the United States should continue its retaliatory actions against Russia over “Russian cyberattacks.”

Carter called the cyberattack attributed to Russia “an aggressive move against American democracy” and stressed that Washington should not “limit itself only to cyber-measures” in response.

Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, in turn, have said that they await measures against Russia from Trump. According to Graham, party members who doubt Russia’s involvement in cyberattacks in the US “are not Republicans and not patriots.” 

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