Putin: geopolitical changes the West didn’t see coming

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January 3, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

–  Laurent SAILLY in Boulevard Voltaire, translated by Tom Winter

From his Kremlin office, the president of the Russian Federation must remember the minor KGB officer, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, stationed in Dresden (ex-GDR), where he will witness the end of a world, of ‘his’ world. What was happening then in the head of this 37-year-old man who has known only the communist dictatorship? 

Difficult to answer the question. Still, in twenty-seven years, Lieutenant-Colonel Putin will have become the most powerful man in the world.

Vladimir Putin’s foreign policy cannot be understood except in the light of his energy policy. “Gazprom is a powerful lever of economic and political influence on the rest of the world,” he said in 2005. Western intelligence services (CIA in the lead) have only very recently understood the dominant position in the global energy markets (gas and oil) being taken by Russia.

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The Crimean crisis, the war in Syria, and the terrorist attacks will, in the face of a hesitant US foreign policy and the non-existence of a common European policy, benefit President Putin.

The election shock of Donald Trump’s victory will mark the definitive failure of Barack Obama’s foreign policy. US President Barack Obama’s “going to war” declarations coming three weeks till the end of his term, accusing Russia (without proving it) of cyber attacks, will only magnify the ridicule of an administration that will be passed to the side in the geopolitical and geostrategic evolution of the world.

It is ridiculous to see Barack Obama reproach Putin for what his own services (via the NSA) have committed towards his allies by, for instance, spying on the telephone exchanges of Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande. Ridiculous when we see the reply of President Putin who takes on the role of the “peacemaker,” who considers the last decisions of his counterpart in Washington to be negligible.

Yes, it is very long, the memory of the lieutenant-colonel!

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