Russian cyber experts: Hackers state origin nearly impossible to trace

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January 7, 2017 – Fort Russ News

Translated by Kristina Kharlova

As for the technical side of the question, the specialist in competitive intelligence and information technology Elena Larina, says today, no country in the world has tools for digital investigation, which will allow to establish the identity of a particular country of international hacker groups shortly after the attack.

Larina cites the example of the investigation by “Kaspersky Lab” (top Russian cyber-security firm), which detected dangerous viruses in Iranian industrial sites . It was able to identify them only several years after the attack. As it turned out, they were designed and implemented by the Americans, but the virus was not originally traced to American hackers, this became known only after the recognition by the United States.

The most successful operations on tracing the hacking groups are those using embedded informants, and not tracking the digital footprints of the criminals.


Eugene Kaspersky, Tageseinzeiger:

Unsophisticated criminals can be found. The hard part is that they can be in China, Russia or Latin America, and their victims are in the United States or Western European States. All this seriously complicates the investigation. As for cyber-professionals, their search is almost impossible, because they make just one sudden attack.

In addition, Kaspersky opposes government level response to such cyber attacks. This is a very complicated situation. A counter-attack can be very dangerous. The attackers can leave false traces. For example: country A has problems with country B. Hackers from the country C attack country A and direct all attention to country B. It is quite feasible and can have serious consequences.

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