Russian Hackers, Masha Gessen, and Clinton’s shame: A Russian view

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January 10, 2017 – 

Ruslan Ostashko, Live Journal – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

Do you know how to determine when the State Department and CIA have been disgraced to the fullest – so disgraced that even their opponents are too ashamed to look? No, this isn’t when Kremlin propaganda finds holes in the reports on Russian hackers and their influence on the American elections only for them to plug these holes with their fingers and absurdities…The apotheosis of the American intelligence services and State Department’s shame is when even Masha Gessen – yes, Masha Gessen – write a devastating article in an American journal in which she points out factual errors and openly mocks the report on the Russian government’s interference in the American elections. Real shame is when even the most devoted supporters of the Hillary Clinton Democratic Internationale realize that American intelligence and the Clinton pool media are trying to promote nonsense so fiercely and offensively that it is beyond conceivable.

I now see among Russian political analysts some kind of obscure reaction to this whole media orgy surrounding the CIA report. The same pseudo-experts on American politics who told us the whole year that Trump is  a clown who will never beat Hillary Clinton, are now hysterical that Trump won’t introduce new sanctions against Russia. It is interesting that this fiasco taught them nothing. Pseudo-experts’ faith in the omnipotence of the American political establishment has remained, just as has the bad habit of looking at the situation in the US through the prism of pro-Clinton media.

They’ve already lost once. CNN, NBC, and The New York Times were already disgraced in real time in the eyes of the entire world when they wrote off, out of complete misunderstanding, not only the American voter, but also the behind-the-scenes of the American economic and political elite. They completely ignored the fact that Trump has the support of not only provincial rednecks, but also part of big American business. Now they’re telling us that Trump is trapped, that his impeachment could come at any time, and that Trump is done for. There is no need to overestimate this scandal.

Let me remind you that there have already been more than a few tantrums thrown over the new American president. Remember the protests that swept the US after the elections? And what? Remember the unprecedented campaign to pressure the electors? And what? Does anyone really think that Trump could be impeached on the basis of a baseless, useless scrap of paper that Russophobic senators and CNN are now waving around? Let’s also recall what other options Trump has if they really do try to stop him.

First of all, Trump could launch an investigation into what Clinton and her team did with their private email server that stored secret documents. This is enough to land Hillary herself and most of her team in jail.

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Secondly, Trump could launch an official investigation into the activities of the Clinton Foundation and how Clinton received money from foreign governments and companies through it. This is enough to lock her up together with the part of her team that wasn’t implicated in the server scandal.

In the most extreme case, there is the nuclear option that would simply destroy a significant part of the American political class. Donald Trump could ask the FBI, whose officers are very loyal to him, to investigate the pedophile scandal known as “Pizzagate” which implicates at least a significant portion of the top echelons and sponsors of the Democratic Party. 

How can a man with these cards up his sleeves and the support of billionaires in the oil, real estate, and coal industries be scared by a CIA report that is so shameful that even Masha Gessen is ashamed by it? This is even funny. Trump could really opt for confrontation with Russia, but if this happens, it will only be because he can’t negotiate with Putin – and this wouldn’t be because of some useless scrap of paper that has brought eternal shame down on the CIA’s reputation.

Finally, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been really interested in what ordinary Americans think about this scandal surrounding alleged Russian interference in the US elections. New York Times journalists were also interested, so they asked a few Trump voters. They published the results of this “going to the people” on the pages of their newspaper and even included them in the title. In response to the question of Russia interfering, a Trump voter asks “What about it?”, and the journalist doesn’t even know how to continue the dialogue. Another representative Trump vote even told the Clintonite journalist that if it was thanks to Russia’s interference that Trump became president, then it’s good that Russia interfered in the elections. 

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As practice shows, the American people on average are much smarter and more honest than American politicians and journalists. 

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