Secret Cannon Fodder: Ukraine covers up 7th mobilization drive

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January 16, 2017 – 

By Eduard Popov for Fort Russ – translated by J. Arnoldski –

Amidst growing losses in the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbass, Ukraine needs new cannon fodder. And in large quantity.

Ukrainian military officials are contradicting themselves. In September 2016, the deputy chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Talalay, denied reports of a seventh wave of mobilization in the country. Earlier in the same month, however, the Ukrainian defense ministry’s press secretary, Podgorny, spoke of plans for a seventh mobilization wave. According to him, the UAF lacks around 14,000 servicemen in the combat zone in Donbass.

These figures named in Podgorny’s statement are confirmed by other Ukrainian sources. However, it is likely that they are understated. In a sensational interview, Verkhovna Rada deputy and the founder and first commander of the Azov punitive battalion, Andrey Biletsky, revealed facts that are catastrophic for Ukrainian patriots. According to this Ukrainian neo-Nazi #1, personnel shortages in the army in the ATO are around 40% and the Ukrainian army’s morale is extremely low. In Biletsky’s opinion, if Russia were to send troops into Donbass, the Ukrainian Army would be defeated within a matter of several hours. 

But let’s return to Ukrainian officialdom. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has stated that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are calling up officers just graduated from the military departments of civilian colleges to be sent to the combat zone in Donbass. This was reported back on January 10th by the Ukrainian publication Vesti..

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The first to be called to duty will be graduates in especially needed specializations, such as platoon commanders, tank crews, gunners, psychologists, and analysts. After a short training course, the officers will be sent to the ATO, the terrorist operation against the population of Donbass.

Thus, contrary to the statements of Ukrainian military officials, Ukraine has in fact launched a seventh mobilization, albeit in a slightly veiled form. This call to the front and especially the secret form of this mobilization speaks volumes. This secret mobilization is being conducted in order to hide losses in the ATO zone from the public, and to hide the mass scale desertion among recruits. 

The upcoming call of fresh officers speaks to the catastrophic decline of the Ukrainian officer corps. This is confirmed in part by the interview with Biletsky, who lamented the shortages of officers on the front lines. According to this Ukrainian Fuhrer, a massive number of officers with combat experience have retired from the UAF due to the mess engulfing the ranks of the Ukrainian army. I would also add that this is due to the huge losses incurred by the “best army in Europe” which has proven incapable of defeating the “separatists” of Donbass. Ukrainian officers don’t want to die for Poroshenko and other Ukrainian oligarchs’ business interests. This first and foremost explains the mass resignations from the armed forces. Meanwhile, a disproportionately high percentage of senior officers and even admirals (despite the “great naval power’s” complete absence of a navy!) remain back in Ukrainian headquarters in Kiev and other large cities far from the combat zone.

It is difficult to imagine what new losses for Ukrainian families this new mobilization wave will bring. The accelerated three-month officer training courses conducted by retired Ukrainian army officers guarantee a catastrophically low level of combat literacy for the newly-minted military officers. This means that the losses among the soldiers and officers being called to the front now will be extremely high. 

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Poroshenko’s regime are earning in blood the hatred of both the people of Donbass and Ukraine. The regime remains unconcerned about the huge losses in the ranks of the UAF. The Ukrainian army’s boundless patience is striking – as long as this army does not realize that its true enemy is not “Donbass separatists” but the Ukrainian oligarchs bathing in blood money. 

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