Soros lost $ 1 billion betting against Trump


January 13th, 2016 – Fort Russ News –
– ktovkurse – translated by J. Flores – 

The biggest event of last year, no doubt, was the US presidential elections, which not only brought an unexpected result, but also brought big changes in the stock market. In the stock market these movements help one to get rich, or on the other hand, to lose a lot of money. Among such people can be well-known personalities.

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The victory of Donald Trump helped eminent speculator Carl Aykanu, which according to the media, earned a decent chunk of change. On the other hand, the no less well-known George Soros, according to The Wall Street Journal, has lost nearly $ 1 billion.

Last year, Soros again began to manage the Soros Fund Management, which means he and his family have at their disposal a portfolio of $30 billion.

According to sources, George Soros was trying to weigh every decision and chose the cautious strategy, but after the victory he wagered that this would bring a decline in the value of US assets and the dollar. The facts show that the investor here was wrong. the Republican victory brought an unprecedented long rally – the biggest rise by more than 10%.

Of course, Soros was not alone in these projections; before the elections, all analysts have argued that a Trump victory bodes poorly for American companies and the value of the dollar, as it does not bring any significant improvement in the economy. Like it or not, time would soon tell, however, that the market reacted differently – now already an accomplished fact.

According to the WSJ, Soros, as an experienced financier, holds an investment in shares of various companies, primarily in the industrial and financial. Strictly speaking, these positions helped the fund end the year with growth of 5%.

It is noteworthy that the former partner of Soros – Druckenmiller, who worked for the fund until 2000, made a prediction during the election campaign: with the victory of Hillary Clinton, he believed that this would see a stock upsurge, and with the victory of Trump, vice versa. Immediately after the election, he shared that had sold gold. So, Druckenmiller’s family fund, which invests in its own interests – Duquesne Family Office, had earned more than 10% over last year.

It is noted that George Soros, a number of major donors to the Democratic Party, as well as its representatives and affiliated lobbying organizations and foundations held a closed conference in Washington, dedicated to the discussion of the tactics of the “fight against Trump” in the coming years.

The program of the forum, which appeared in the public domain, shows that he was talking about plans for a fairly stiff opposition to Donald Trump as president.

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