Stop NATO! Mateusz Piskorski writes to Donald Trump from behind bars

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January 20, 2017 – Fort Russ – 
Mateusz Piskorski, Translated from Polish by J. Arnoldski – 

Mateusz Piskorski is a renowned Polish scholar and anti-NATO activist who has been held in prison in Warsaw on no charges since May 2016, when he exposed NATO plans to suppress protests in Eastern Europe. Fort Russ has translated two of Piskorski’s other prison letters (1 + 2)  and held an exclusive interview with him several months before him and his party, ZMIANA (“Change”), became the victims of direct political repression. In his latest correspondence from behind Atlanticist bars, Piskorski addresses his words to US President Donald Trump and expresses hope that a Trump presidency will end the globalist chaos and political repression that the previous US administration incited to a beyond concerning extent. 


Esteemed Mr. President!

I wish to offer you my sincere congratulations on the occasion of being inaugurated 45th President of the United States of America. I wish you, Mr. President, effective realization of your electoral program for freedom and raising the living standards of all Americans as well as ensuring peace and security in the international system. 

I am convinced that the announced changes in the sphere of international policies of which you, Mr. President, are the author, are supremely beneficial not only for the US, but also for our country, Poland. These policy changes could significantly improve the image of the United States and strengthen its potential in the global arena by breaking with the exceptionally harmful conviction that Washington is called to uphold the interests of multinational corporations and financial capital. Your presidency could mean the victory of democracy and respect for citizens’ will over the system which the economist John Perkins correctly defined as corporatocracy. The liberation of the United States from the diktat of corporate globalism could become the long-awaited beginning of the emancipation of other countries of the world, including those developing countries among which Poland figures.

Mr. President! I am writing this letter to you as a Pole, as the leader of the political party ZMIANA, and as a political prisoner of the elites currently ruling my country. Actions inspired by the Central Intelligence Agency, which coordinates the decisions of the world’s countries and intelligence, have led to a bizarre situation in which the political opposition in Poland is imprisoned and repressed. I ended up in jail for professing views and opinions which to a large extent coincided with those that you yourself expressed during your election campaign. In Poland, I have become the victim of a campaign of lies and slander similar to what the Washington establishment has hurled at you. Perhaps this is why your presidency has awakened in me and the members of my party a sincere hope for change in global politics which could begin in the United Stated under your leadership. 

I am convinced that fundamental reform of the international order should be initiated by your country which has to this day been treated and used as a tool against its own interests by supranational financial circles such as the Trilateral Commission, who Senator Barry M. Goldwater wrote “is international and intended to be a means for the multinational consolidation of banking and commercial interests. These processes can be realized through the acquisition of control over the policies of the government of the United States.” 

We in Poland look forward to seeing your decisions in the sphere of several issues that are key for both our countries. Millions of Americans of Polish heritage have made enormous contributions to the construction and development of your country. Yet for years, Poles have been deceived by the Washington elites on the matter of abolishing visas for Polish citizens traveling to the US. Poles by no means pose a threat to the security and public order of the United States. Your statements concerning the liberalization of the visa regime could be smoothly realized to the benefit of the citizens of our countries. 

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Great hope is inspired by your declaration of intent to revise multilateral trade agreements which currently pose a direct threat to the consumers and producers party to them. Rejecting the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will guarantee the further development of friendly, bilateral economic cooperation and trade between the US and individual EU member-states. Consistently criticizing unjust, wage-dumping agreements like NAFTA could also make Europe withdrawal from such actions threatening stability and economic order with frantic deregulations and the uncontrolled liberalization of foreign trade. Your presidency is linked to great hope for Poland and the expectation that the TTIP will be cast into the dustbin of history.

We in Poland also hope that you will be the first American leader in many years to not provoke more international conflicts whose origins lie in coups, the fueling of civil wars, and the destabilization of states in the Middle East and North Africa. As President of the United States, you can effectively and in a law-abiding manner bring to justice those from the US political and intelligence circles who have brought the present terrorist threat upon the world. We trust that you, Mr. President, are capable of bringing about final peace in Syria on the basis of recognizing and cooperating with the legal authorities of the country and cooperating with the countries currently waging an uncompromising anti-terrorist campaign, particularly the Russian Federation and Iran. A real fight against terrorism requires broad cooperation of all those interested and affected, as you have repeatedly pointed out. 

Mr. President! You are the first American politician in many years to call things by their names, discarding the veil of deceit and hypocrisy. You have, among other things, accurately diagnosed the crisis in Ukraine which began with the foreign-inspired coup in February 2014. In March 2014, together with several dozen independent experts from EU countries and the US, I had the opportunity to observe events in Crimea. As you have rightly pointed out, the inhabitants of the peninsula, in a free and unfettered manner, decided their future in a referendum. We should all respect their choice. Poland was manipulated by the previous White House administration to fan the flames of the Ukrainian conflict and commit provocative actions against Russia. We express deep hope that you will, without undue delay, hold constructive dialogue with President Vladimir Putin, treating him as a rational partner in the work of stabilizing the international situation. Poland’s security significantly depends on the reactivation of dialogue between Washington and Moscow.

We also wholeheartedly appeal to you, Mr. President, to immediately reverse the deployment of NATO and US forces on the territory of Poland and the Baltic countries. The irresponsible decision of President Barack Obama’s administration on this matter has evidently raised international tensions in Central and Eastern Europe. The requests for American soldiers to be deployed in Poland were and are made by none other than irresponsible Polish politicians who are blinded by hatred for Russia. The United States cannot afford to succumb to the pressure and influence of adventurists and warmongers. The Polish people, like Americans, desire peace and cooperation, not the provocation of political and armed conflicts. Therefore, we ask and urge: not a single US soldier on the so-called Eastern Flank of NATO!

Mr. President! Finally, allow me to ask you to prevent the CIA from exploiting the intelligence and counter-intelligence services of the countries of Central Europe subordinated to it for the purpose of neutralizing people critical of the actions of the Washington elite. As the leader of a political party which stands for Poland leaving NATO, I have been held for many months in prison without any sentence. There are reasons to conclude that American intelligence services transmitted instructions and directives to the Polish Internal Security Agency concerning me. I am convinced that, upon assuming office as President of the United States of America, you will put a roadblock in front of such pathological policies.

Once again, I wish you and Americans a free presidency that will realize the desires of the American people identifying with the slogan “Make America Great Again!” 


Dr. Mateusz Piskorski

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Chairman of Zmiana, political prisoner

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