There are no liberals left here


Fort Russ, Jan 16th, 2017

Author: meshuga80, Russian Source – translated and edited by Tatzhit


A number of my older translations that were never posted to Fort Russ were “erased from the web” (nothing too nefarious – most notably LiveLeak bugs that wipe out text, plus expiring registrations on various small websites).
Obviously, most of those translations are “old news”, but some have actually become more relevant by 2017, and those I will occasionally publish here.

The article below is relevant for two reasons:

– In 2014, it showed the moral choice faced by the Russian “liberal opposition”: to stick with their “progressive” Western masters, or stick with the traditional principles of liberalism (i.e. not murdering people for having a different opinion), and that choice is still present today

– I think American liberals are facing largely the same choice after the 2016 election. It may not be as obvious as it was for Russian liberals when the war started in Donbass, but the overall outlines are quite similar – in both cases, the “liberal opposition” has to either reject the narrative of mainstream liberal establishment, or reject reality and the rest of their countrymen. 

There are plenty of articles and videos on the subject – here are a couple of them, for example. There are thousands more all over the internet.
Older article by an American
Satirical video by a Brit

I will publish more on the subject soon. For now, I’ll present this view of liberalism and its ideological implosion in Russia, written by a former “liberal opposition” supporter. This scenario could very well be repeated in America sometime in the next few years. 

by meshuga80

My simple statement about the Russian liberal crowd: after this war, there are no liberals left here. All that remains are clowns – disgusting, evil and hypocritical. And by the way, Russia’s current left-leaning political opposition will likely also disappear (which is a pity, normal political opposition is sorely needed, but alas, these guys are not it). 

I’m, actually, more or less from the same crowd. A significant portion of my acquaintances and friends are very liberal, and, speaking honestly, they are wonderful people I deeply respect. But it is more and more obvious that some of their beliefs left them in very, very deep shit morally and ethically. 

The “conscience of our nation” have joined the side that does not just burn the protesters, but finishes off the wounded and jokes about “burnt Colorado beetles”[1]. Joined the side of those who bombed Lugansk and then joyfully laughed about how a woman died with her legs torn off – a local resident, not fighter. Those who called her “a female beetle”. 

Guys, there is something wrong with the “conscience of the nation”. I do not need a such a conscience, thank you. From now on, I am not interested in the moral judgment of these people. They have no right to judge me, my people, the tyrant Putin, even the hobos at the train station. And especially, they have no right to judge Crimeans, residents of Odessa and the people of Donbass. Not after joyfully supporting the coup and those it brought to power. 

At some point in the conflict, Obama said that Russia was “on the wrong side of history”. These words are very applicable to the audience of various liberal media like “Radio Echo MSK”, the Snob magazine, and websites like They took the wrong side. 

When we annexed Crimea, I doubted – is this good or bad, right or wrong? Did we save Crimeans from economic collapse or vice versa, created a problem? Did they join voluntarily, or were the results of the referendum falsified? I actually believed that annexation was voluntary only after I went there and saw everything with my own eyes. 

But then came a turning point – events in Odessa on May 2nd – and not one, not one of those who were just “marching for peace” wrote that, actually, burning people is bad, burning people for their beliefs is really bad, enjoying it is monstrous. For some reason, the annexation of Crimea, voluntary and bloodless, was awful, and the massacres [in Korsun, Odessa, Mariupol] were not worth mentioning. And then I realized that those people joined the wrong side – and, probably, no longer have the courage to come out and say “this is wrong”, like the Maidan revolutionary Bancha did. Even though there was no need to lick Putin’s behind – simply speak out against mass killings.

Another crucial thing this made me understand: the people who said they were for “peace” – were not, in fact. They, like others, were for their side winning the war. Otherwise, they would march for peace when real blood was spilled in Odessa (relevant link – ed.), not when tears of wounded vanity were spilled over Crimea. But the blood that flowed, to them, was the blood of political opponents (maybe enemies?), and when an enemy dies – it’s probably a good thing and a protest march is not required. Odessa, to them, was a suppression of counter-revolution, human sacrifice was sad, but inevitable, that’s life, and, by the way, the people there burned themselves. In Lugansk, why didn’t the local cattle and alcoholics kick out of the separatists? It’s their own fault then that they are being bombed. 

Ergo – no one is “for peace”. Everyone is supporting a side in the conflict, but some try to convince the opponent that they have the moral high ground. And this is not true. A shock – for me – came because I was initially sympathetic to this group, I agree with them on many issues, cultural community, all that. 

But if you step outside their circle – and it’s narrow! – you’re not human anymore. You’re a redneck, Colorado, imperialist, slave, Putin’s puppet, an inhabitant of This Cursed Empire. More spiritually advanced people can burn and bomb you in the name of, for example, freedom of the Ukrainian nation. Soooo fun to read about human rights, about the freedom of expression, about personal dignity – and then suddenly realize that the term “person” refers to a narrow circle of the “politically correct and culturally advanced”, and you’re likely not in it. 

At the beginning of this whole story Olga Bakushinskaya made grand statement – she said “Now we can see who is a real person is and who is a trained monkey” (those radically opposed to the annexation of Crimea were real people, of course). Does she resent it now, when monkeys are physically destroyed – peaceful monkeys? Just because they are not real men, but “Colorado beetles”? F*ck no. This is an unshakeable position. They will continue to divide everyone into a narrow circle of beautiful elves and hordes of orcs outside. They used to say “there are no real gentlemen beyond the Suez Channel”; now, that circle has shrunk to the size of their friend list. 

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So what about Putin’s supporters, and many of the “patriots”, and the Russian media – are there also lies and propaganda there? Well, yes, there too. “Strangled pregnant woman” and other exaggerations to mess with emotions. But for me the lying from that side hasn’t been news in ages. What’s news to me is that my side is not better by an inch, and in the light of what happened, perhaps worse – because they’re more hypocritical, and because the side they support is, frankly, disgusting cannibals. 

And also because, in theory, a higher level of intelligence and education imposes certain requirements on them, requirements that are ridiculous to expect from village rednecks. Especially the anti-Soviet gentlemen – they could make an obvious analogy with the revolution of 1917 and think about the consequences violent government change could have for Ukraine. Instead, those idiots cheered and supported the Ukrainians in their deadly illusions. 

By the way, talking about “Russian fascism” – yes, of course, here is a typical example ( – liberals talking about how Stalin’s purges have killed off all the “good genetic material”, and the whole nation is hopelessly spoiled – ed.). The real thing is right there, talking about genetic inferiority and all. About “good” European DNA (nearly threw up, I’m sorry), about the Russian descendants of murderers and informants. In short – we are soviets, Colorados, rednecks. Need to burn. 

Let’s get something straight. These people do not have a problem with Putin. They have a problem with the country of Russia, and its people. They [reject] almost everyone and everything here. This is their right – different strokes for different folks. But you can not be the “conscience of a nation” if you are disgusted by it. It is impossible to improve a country that you hate. This is like raising a child who every day, every minute disgusts you – it will just cripple you and the child. Also, Russia is not a child at all. 

I support many of the ideas that are supported by this subculture. Gay rights, for example. But when it comes to choosing between the right of rednecks and colorados to life and the right of gays to marry – I am more concerned about the right to life. Therefore, when choosing between a homophobe and a cannibal, I prefer a homophobe. 

They think that people are turning away from them because of state propaganda. But here, as well as with the Ukraine, no state propaganda can work better than their own words or silence. I do not watch TV, I’m not sympathetic to Putin and I did not vote for him – I’m actually choosing the lesser evil. Whose side am I on? Well, certainly not with them, they are cannibals, and hypocrites to boot. Choosing among the rest. 

And I retrospectively reevaluate many things. Much in the liberal press I have accepted as fact, but current events show that they do not hesitate to lie. I wonder where else they lied? Were people at pro-government rallies really only government employees forced to go and paid hobos? One my friends went there, and he was not paid. None of my friends working for the government were forced to go. And were all of the laws and initiatives that they criticized really that bad? Maybe the situation is a little more complex? 

What about Navalny, our dear leader/provocator, who called his supporters (quote) “cocksucking sheep”, and tried hard to push people into fighting the cops? And the “political prisoners” that were throwing rocks at the riot police? They wanted everything to end like THAT? To overthrow Putin at all costs, despite the fact that he was legally elected, and despite the fact that it could have caused a civil war and much more bloodshed than we see in Ukraine now?

Also, of course, the “enlightened West” and their “free press” have also shown their true colors. When Yanukovich dispersed a demonstration and some students were got bruises – it’s terrible, a nightmare, unacceptable tyranny. When tens, hundreds, and then thousands of innocent people are killed for their beliefs, or simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, by the “freedom fighters” and “young democracy” – that is perfectly acceptable. The epic fool Jen Psaki lends an element of humor to their bullshit, but the whole situation isn’t funny, of course. 

Whew. There, I said it. For me, there are no liberals left in Russia after the Odessa massacre. 

Comment by oskolki-chesti

After reading this, I realized why I perceive the “fifth column” so negatively, as enemies and traitors. Because I feel they are a threat to me, to my happiness and well-being. I’m the type of person who, in their opinion, should not exist, I am the country they are disgusted by. I especially like the paragraph about the impossibility of improving the country that you hate. I’d have underlined it twice, written in bold letters. And I want to ask all of those liberals – please do not improve my country. Hands off.

Translator’s Note: 

[1]The federalist symbol is a black-orange ribbon of St. George, which is the same colors as a Colorado beetle, hence the name.

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