Ukraine increases provocations against civilians to bury Minsk II as the West smiles with eyes closed


January 26, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Christelle NEANT in DØNiPRESS translated by Tom Winter

Car demolished by wire-guided anti-tank missile

Wire-guided, all the way to the target

In recent days the bad news in terms of destruction and casualties among the civilian population of the Donbass is multiplying, suggesting a dark design by the Kiev authorities.

After the house of little Rita in Zaitsevo, bombed for the second time in less than a week, and the Ukrainian Army’s deliberate bombing of the Kirovsk Hospital in the People’s Republic of Lugansk (RPL), which caused a civilian death, the Ukrainian soldiers persist and enter what appears to have become a contest of ignominy.

Yesterday, the Ukrainian army fired an anti-tank guided missile against a civilian car in Dolgoye, in the RPL. A guided missile that left no chance for the passengers of the car, killing one and wounding three others.

The very nature of the missile prevents any excuse of the type “our shot veered off and missed the intended target:” The nearest RPL military positions are 7 km east of the spot. It is impossible to make such a mistake, especially with a guided missile, that the operator can follow in real time to readjust the trajectory.

The Ukrainian army also deliberately fired on the residential area of Yelenovka in the night before last, cutting off electricity for 50 houses, which was re-established in a few hours thanks to the dedicated effort of the workers in charge of repairs. Last night it was Sergeyevka the Ukrainian soldiers fired on, depriving the entire village in the south of the People’s Republic of Donetsk of its electricity.

These growing provocations against civilians clearly show that the Ukrainian army is trying to provoke a response from the RPD and RPL forces to kill the Minsk-2 accords. Ukraine needs to relaunch large-scale hostilities, but it does not want to take the responsibility for it.

It must be said that they can always rely on the more-than-passive complicity of the OSCE. Even after Mr Hug attested the death of the 48-year-old miner killed during the bombing of the Kirovsk hospital (renamed Holubivka by the Ukrainian authorities), OSCE managed to turn in a soporific report stating only that a man was killed by a 122 mm shell (a weapon forbidden by the Minsk accords). No direction of the shooting provided, and no condemnation either of this war crime, or the violation of the Minsk accords.

The OSCE was quicker to denounce the Minsk-2 violations when it came to the DPR or the RPL, as in May, during preparations for the victory parade in Donetsk, where the OSCE took offense at the presence of tanks and other heavy weapons in the city center, although they were clearly not there to shoot the Ukrainian side several kilometers away.

Or as when meeting with Alexander Zakharchenko two days ago, demanding efforts on the ceasefire on the part of the DPR, to let repairs take place. On the other hand, there have been no such declarations to Ukraine despite the fact that the violations of the cease-fire by the Ukrainian army are more than obvious, both against civilians and often against the workers in charge of the repairs. By dint of its double standards, the OSCE ends up discrediting itself completely.

These new provocations provoked a reminder on the part of Russia that the implementation of the Minsk agreements was the only solution to peacefully resolve the conflict in the Donbass. And that these agreements are blocked by the fact that Kiev does not want to implement them and denies the agreements that the Ukrainian authorities have nevertheless signed.

In Europe, during this time, everyone does not care, especially Great Britain which recently celebrated its 25 years of its diplomatic relations with Ukraine. A celebration in which the participants — including British parliamentarians — did not bear to face the questions and accusations of Graham Phillips about the deliberate bombardments of the Ukrainian army against Donbass civilians.

To avoid having to answer for their complicity in genocide, the British authorities preferred to have security eject Graham. One can even see some of the participants smile when Graham accuses Great Britain of becoming an accomplice of Kiev. 

This is all that the European elites have to answer for their comfortable life in Europe facing what is happening here: it makes them smile.

A reaction that makes one want to — as the allies had done in Germany after the discoveries of the camps —  take all these people there and to confront them with all that makes them smile. A desire to have them spend one night in the cellars of Spartak, or in the house of Rita in Zaitsevo. I think that after that they would not want to smile at all. Come the day when the international tribunal will try Ukrainian criminals, we must not forget, on the bench of the accused, any of those persons who supported, and found it “funny,” that innocent civilians should be massacred by their government.

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