Ukraine’s case is terminal and its leaders are hastening the end

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January 23, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Christelle NEANT in DØNiPRESS, translated by Tom Winter

Popping champagne, hurling Molotov Cocktail, message in a bottle: “Save us!”

Given the evolution of the situation in Ukraine, the country’s motto might be “If you’re going to screw up, may as well do it twice over, just to make sure.”

Right after the election of Donald Trump to the White House, Tatiana Montian already announced that Ukraine had reached the point of no return and was like a terminal cancer patient —  and now it seems that the Ukrainian authorities have still not understood the past mistakes and are ready to add a layer of fatuity to all those that have been piling up in the three years since Maidan. 

See the interview (subtitled in French by Thalie Thalie) of Tatiana Montian recorded on November 10, 2016:

While Ukraine is sinking without hope of rescue, like the Titanic after hitting the iceberg, its Rada deputies can find nothing better to do than submit a law making Ukrainian the country’s only official language.

For those who have forgotten, or for those who do not know, it must be remembered that the conflict in Donbass was spurred — among other things — by the vote on February 23, 2014 in the Rada for a law to strip the Russian language of its status as an official regional language.

This vote set fire to the powder in the mainly Russian-speaking regions where the language is deeply linked to the notion of ethnic and cultural identity. Even though the law was never enforced because the then acting president (Turchinov) refused to sign it, it turned on the blaze of the civil war that still ravages the Donbass.

Eradicating Russian from the public sphere, as the authors of this law would have it, is pure state suicide. It is as if in Belgium or Switzerland they were forbidden to use French in the media, shops, administrations, and the like, on the pretext that the great neighboring country (France) at one time occupied part of their territory, and would therefore be an aggressor to contain at any cost, even if to eradicate one of the major languages of the country.

As we read Legislative Bill 5670, tabled on January 19, one really wonders what collective hysteria strikes the Ukrainian authorities, month after month promulgating new inanities each more dangerous than the last for the country they are supposed to govern.

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Wanting to make Ukrainian language compulsory in cultural events, media, films, local administrations, shops, etc., is purely and simply to kill the Russian language in Ukraine, notwithstanding that it is the native language of more than one third of the country, and of more than two thirds of the inhabitants of Donbass.

How can one claim to want to reinstate the Donbass into Ukraine, while the Ukrainian authorities are once again trying to pass a law aimed at eradicating its language? If these members wanted to aggravate the situation, they could not do better.

While Ukraine still does not know which sauce it is going have to eat because of the Trump administration — after some of its councilors have been copiously insulted by Ukrainian politicians and may want to take revenge — the Rada are pursuing the logic of self-destruction of their country.

The US could also simply drop Ukraine, and, according to Tatiana Montian, it would not be able to recover, for lack of volunteer, competent people willing to take the risk of getting killed by the Ukrainian Nazis who are supported, so far, by the West:

“For now I do not see any force that would really want to change things here. They simply are not there: millions of people of sane disposition, able to take charge of administrative positions, and able to act, even if there’s no help from outside, have left Ukraine. ” 

For her, the neighboring countries of Ukraine, Poland in the lead, are only waiting for its collapse to dismember it: “All our neighbors are waiting for the death of Ukraine, like vultures, to get hold of the morcels that interest them. There is nothing more to do here. There is no guarantee, no prospect. “

Her conclusion on the future of Ukraine is without appeal and chimes in with one that many analysts, including this writer, had announced months ago:

“It’s going to destroy itself!” There is a notion called “point of no return.” You’re asking me what to do, when the cancer has reached the fourth phase and death is imminent.”

“Ukraine is not yet dead” the Ukrainian hymn. But at the pace the Ukrainian authorities are throwing gas on the fire, it can not be long.

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