US and Ukraine plunge headlong into madness, ready to take the world with them

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January 7, 2016 – Fort Russ News –
– Christelle Neant in DØNiPRESS, translated by Tom Winter –

With less than two weeks till Trump’s inauguration, the Obama administration continues its dangerous provocations against Russia. After the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats on false pretenses, after the fake news about Russian piracy of an American electricity supplier, now via NATO, the US is looking for ways to poke the Russian bear in Eastern Europe.

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While the slightest movement of the Russian army on its own territory triggers a hysterical storm of Western media reports denouncing the ‘Russian Aggression,’ the recent deployment in Germany and Eastern Europe of an American armored brigade — consisting of 4,000 men, 87 Abrams tanks, and 144 Bradley combat vehicles, 

all to be stationed permanently in Poland, and which will be reinforced by 1,000 additional troops from the NATO countries — makes not a ripple in the same press. Yet the aggressiveness and provocation right under under Russia’s nose is as obvious as the nose on one’s face.

And while the USA is playing the pyromaniac trying to set off a third world war in Eastern Europe before the inauguration of Donald Trump (the Syrian plan failed miserably), it seems that the madness of the puppeteer has definitely contaminated his Ukrainian puppet .

Two news items as surrealist as they are aberrant have thus painted this week in Kiev.

The first took place on New Year’s Eve and concerns the “Patriarch” Philaret of Kiev (Patriarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which is a non-canonical church, and is not recognized by any of the canonical churches).

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The patriarch, who is supposed to preside over a religious congregation and thus be an example of spirituality and virtues, found nothing better to do at the end of 2016 than to bless the soldiers of the Tornado Battalion (the famous battalion whose atrocities – rapes, torture, and murder of innocent civilians in the Donbass – were such that 12 of its members are still being tried in Kiev for war crimes.

At the request of a soldier to pray for the soldiers of the Tornado Battalion, the “Patriarch” could find no better answer than to call to prayer for God to free the 12, thus:

“We will pray for the Almighty to free them … They are in prison for Ukraine like Piotr Kalnychevsky” (the Cossack chief of Zaporozhye who was arrested on the orders of Catherine II).

And for those who believe this may be an isolated incident, it is the second time that Philaret has blessed the soldiers of this battalion, since at the beginning of the war he awarded the chief of this battalion, Ruslan Onishchenko, a Medal of his “patriarchy.” 

We see what kind of values frankly not orthodox this “patriarch” defends: robbery, rape, torture, and the murder of innocent people. 

And in line with this very personal vision of the Orthodox Christian religion of the “patriarch” of Kiev, Poroshenko added a layer during his Christmas vows last night on his Facebook wall, asking, I quote, to “pray for the soldiers who currently protect us against the enemy – the Antichrist. ” Thus:

I do not know if he means the Donbass, Russia, or Vladimir Putin himself, but in any case there is cause for serious concern over Poroshenko’s mental health, and the mental health of his American bosses. And above all there is cause for concern for the consequences of their madness in the world.

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