US: McCain and Graham launch their Russia campaign

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January 7, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

André Archambaud, in Boulevard Voltaire, translated by Tom Winter

Warhawks-in-chief: McCain, Graham

Since the presidential election of November 8, 2016, the United States has been oscillating between two parallel universes. That of Trump, who not only built his team of presidential mercenaries in record time (compared to former “professional” presidents), but especially “came into office” as early as November 9, wounding the self-esteem of President Obama.

Trump immediately worked on economic issues, directly appealing to companies in flagrante delicto of budget overestimation (Boeing, Lockheed Martin) in order to make them get back, or those “guilty” of exporting jobs to Mexico (Carrier, GM, Ford). 

In each case, the CEOs reacted positively, some in the form of a major turnaround in strategies. He also issued a warning to Toyota, which assured him of their US “patriotism.” In short, Trump will never stop sending a simple message: the government will make it easier for you by cutting taxes to businesses, removing parasitic regulations, allowing you a low tax cost means to repatriate your capital invested abroad, and lowering your energy costs … but it will stun you (tariffs, among others) if you continue to transfer jobs and technology elsewhere.

The future president also made two great moves: first by appearing publicly with the boss of the SoftBank to announce a Japanese investment of 50 billion in technologies, with 50,000 new jobs created; then bringing together Silicon Valley’s elite at the Trump Tower to discuss quality immigration and cybersecurity. 

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In short, the stock market followed and the “Tweeter-inChief” contained the Republican Brutus. 

Not so fast! For there is the virtual world, that of the Cato obsessed with a regime change in Russia: Senators #NeverTrump John McCain and Lindsay Graham, who prefer “concubinage” with the sore loser democrats (who still are not coming back from losing in spite of the massive complicity of the system). Thus McCain organized a meeting of the Senate Armed Services Committee on January 5 to officially review the risks associated with cybersecurity. 

In fact, it provided a forum for the political mignons of the intelligence agencies, who will not be there after Trump takes office, to suggest…

To suggest that the Russians, champions of computer piracy for years, would have been stupid enough to forget five “electronic signatures” (some stemming from antique malware) in the computers of the Democratic Party, gathering up presumptive evidence in a bundle. But a forum that did not ask the question of how the corruptions and intrigues revealed by these two piracies (of the party and of the Clinton campaign chief) threatened national security.

By attributing these piracies to the third Rome, and presenting them as an act of war, Messieurs McCain and Graham have thus begun their Russia campaign.

Trump, strong in the latest polls of Rasmussen Reports (the majority of the electorate — including 57% of the Democrats — wants him to succeed), on January 6 received intelligence officials … in whom he has no trust. Another bureaucracy to reform.

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