Wagenknecht: A chance to change America’s thoughtless foreign policy


January 22, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Sahra WAGENKNECHT in WELT.de, translated from German by Tom Winter

Sahra Wagenknecht chief of The Left Party in Germany

Left-faction-chief Wagenknecht’s appeal to Trump: The US can no longer recklessly seek influence and raw material interests through military means. The relationship with Russia must also be improved.

My appeal to Trump is not to forget why so many people have chosen him. The reason was not that they thought him to be brilliant, or agreed with everything he said in the campaign. Most of them voted for him because they were fed up with the establishment his competitor stood for.

People in the US under the age of 30 now have an average of 20 percent less income than people of that age had at the end of the 80s, and less than half the wealth. The Americans have deserted this path, and, through their lack of other alternatives such as Bernie Sanders would have offered, have put their hope in Donald Trump.

Will Trump’s Cabinet of the Billionaires now produce policies in the social interests of the majority? Unfortunately, little is said about this. The Senate and Congress have already taken the first steps to abolish Obamacare, which has given more people access to health care and was one of the few successes of the outgoing US President Obama.

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The result: the Middle East has turned into a wildfire.

However, Trump is not only facing major challenges in terms of domestic policy. The appeal to responsibility and awareness for the actual situation is no less valid for foreign policy. 

It is high time that the foreign policy of the US changes, and turns away from recklessly pursuing influence and raw material interests through the use of military means. 

The result is known: the Middle East has turned into a wildfire. Where formerly secular regimes administered semi-stable states, today islamistic terror-militias spread, wars and civil wars drive millions of people into flight. Trump has the chance to change this course.

This also means improving the relationship with Russia. As the commander of the greatest military power in the world and as the one who can decide in the future about the use of nuclear weapons, it is precisely in foreign policy that a high degree of prudence is needed. I hope in our interest that Trump is aware of his responsibility for world peace.

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